A Brief Guide to Facial Laser Hair Removal Cost

A Brief Guide to Facial Laser Hair Removal Cost



People of all age groups have continuously been found to be showing immense interest in opting for laser hair removal these days. Not only the hair removal method is useful, but it is almost permanent when the sessions are completed strictly. However, facial laser hair removal has been one of the most preferred laser hair removal treatments globally. With a much smaller expenditure, anyone can get a smooth and glowy face by removing any unwanted hair from their ace. In this list, we have noted down the various facial laser hair removal cost you may stumble upon based on their target areas. So, let’s continue with the topic.


A Small Guide to Facial Laser Hair Treatment Costs


Insta-Glow Laser Therapy

Do you want to have a shiny and oil-free face? Then, signing up for the instant-glow laser therapy can be the best option for you. The treatment is specially designed to boost the production of collagen, which helps in reducing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines and gives the face a youthful look. Moreover, the rays also play a role in slightly heating the dermis, which eventually helps even the skin tone.h Although this is one of the facial laser therapies which can be completed within a much short period as 15 minutes, the cost of this treatment may somewhat differ from 200-500$ from clinic to clinic.


Acne Reducing Laser Treatment


Mostly common between teenagers and adolescents, this therapy goes by its name. Known as one of the notorious criminals, acne scars are almost impossible to cover up. However, many beauty clinics are now providing 100% working acne reducing laser treatments to their clients and customers. The rays, when targeted to the face, can enhance collagen growth, which helps in filling up the acne scars, making them even with the rest of the face. The treatment cost varies somewhere between 1000-3000$ based on the number of sessions one needs to attend.

Laser Therapy for Hiding Blood Vessels and Capillaries


Many people have visible broken blood capillaries and vessels on their faces, which often

attracts negative comments and stares from others. However, if you want to enhance the look of your face, then opting for a pulsed dry laser is the best choice. The yellow laser light works by heating the skin and effectively destroying the broken blood vessels while leaving the rest of the face untouched. As this method can be a bit risky, the treatment cost of this method can range from 1000-1200$ in about 6-7 sessions.


Skin Rejuvenating Laser Method


Being one of the most commonly preferred laser therapy treatments, the method is quite popular amongst celebrities and models. The therapy helps in the seamless removal of wrinkles, including crow feet and sun damages to the skin. Furthermore, it helps give a complete face uplift within a much shorter time as compared to other facial laser hair removal methods. The cost of this method can vary hugely from one to another and ranges between 500-1500$ depending upon the face severity level. However, the effects are not much long-lasting and need to be done within regular sessions.


Laser to Get rid of Heavily Tanned Skin


Heavy tans or dark brown spots on the face may be a result of severe tanning under the sun. Although their mini versions in the form of freckles can be useful to see, brown spots are not good. For this, one can go under IPL therapy, which helps target and remove the dark spots seamlessly. One can expect results within 4-5 sessions, where the targeted skin may be found to flaking off and revealing the beautiful you. The cost of this method can be from $1500-2000.

As discussed above, facial laser hair removal costs may differ according to the requirement and treatment type. So, decide what your face needs and consult with your beautician today.