A Guide to Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for 2020


The craze of getting your whole body rid of unwanted hair has been continuously gaining momentum in recent decades. Not only celebrities but ordinary people are also gradually inclining towards the beauty technique. Thus, you may find several youtube channels or blogs teaching you various at-home techniques to avail Brazilian hair removal. Therefore in this list, we will be discussing the hair removal technique in detail.

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

As the name suggests, the hair removal technique hails from Brazil, where your beautician helps you get rid of all or almost all of your pubic hair. This is an entirely customer-oriented hair removal technique where you can choose to keep it all clean or leave some hair. Moreover, when compared to its counterparts like waxing and threading, getting Brazilian laser hair removal is often more long-lasting. This also ensures that your skin in those sensitive areas remains safe and rash-free while you enjoy a hair-free body.


Is the Procedure Safe and Effective?

Now, this is one of the most frequently asked questions from ladies all over the world. As this procedure includes the involvement of rays of specific wavelengths, these are comparatively safer and effective than other hair removal methods. Similarly, your beautician will first perform a clinical test of your skin tone, texture, and hair quality before they subject you to any rays. This will not only ensure that you get an effective hair removal treatment but also ensure your skin against rashes and cuts.


How is it done?

As discussed above, initially, you have to go through a skin test before opting for this hair removal technique. This will help your beautician to personalize the ray depending upon various essential factors of your skin. Afterward, they will go through step-by-step procedures to ensure that you have an effective as well as a safe hair removal experience from your pubic areas.

You might have also heard that the process burns root follicles, which is a widespread misconception. However, the rays, when focused on the target area, force the root follicles to go into a dormant stage, thereby keeping your body hair-free for a very long time. This also prevents the risk of inward hair growth, which often causes inflammation, swelling, and redness over the area.

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Benefits of Getting yourself a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

  1. Say no to Razor Burns and Cuts- If you have been using razors to shave your unwanted hair, then the sight of painful cuts must be one of the everyday things. However, when you choose to get a Brazilian laser hair removal, you can see more benefits when compared to shaving. One of them is that you don’t have to suffer painful cuts silently anymore.
  2. No more Risks of Ingrown Hair- Although shaving and waxing may seem to be doing their job just fine, they often lead to the onset of ingrown hairs. Although the severity may vary from individual to individual depending upon how long they have been performing the hair removal ritual, they are always very often painful. This includes painful swelling, redness, and in some cases, bruises may also be seen.
  3. Permanent-like Results- When the rays are subjected to the targeted area, they force the root follicles to go into a dormant stage, as previously discussed. This helps in slowing down the recurring hair growth, which may give the illusion of a longer-lasting hair removal treatment. However, for better results, you will have to repeat the sessions for a couple more times.
  4. Hair grows back in a Reduced Rate- Another great advantage of choosing the Brazilian hair removal technique is that when the hair grows back, the rate is prolonged. What’s more? With regular sessions, you can soon have a completely hair-free pubic area and a new inner-found self-confidence on your body.

Although going for this hair removal technique may seem to be the best option, getting fully prepared with all available knowledge is always highly advised. This will make sure that you stay ready for your new body change.