Home Laser Hair Removal: Pros and Cons

Home Laser Hair Removal: Pros and Cons

You must have come across thousands of DIY sites claiming to help you do laser hair removal at the comfort of your home without any side effects. However, the question which might arise in your mind is that, are they risk-free and effective? Although they may seem to be pretty cheap and easy as compared to visiting professional laser hair removal clinics, they might not provide you with the desired results. Hence, in this list, we have hand-listed some of the essential pros and cons related to performing home laser hair removal. So, let’s start with our topic:


Portable and Best for Instant Touch-ups

Getting ready for a party or a date with your partner, then worry no more. The market is full of laser hair removal devices, which are considered as the best option when it comes to instant touch-ups. One can use the device on the bare part of the body and get a flawless and radiant skin within minutes and not hours, unlike professional laser treatments. They can also be carried from one place to another as they generally come in a travel-size.

Easily Fits into the Budget

Are you getting sleepless nights due to the expensive laser hair removal treatment packages from professional clinics? Then, you can switch to using these hair removal devices. Coming with a broad range of colors, specialties, and functions, you can choose whichever device you want, depending upon your requirements and budget. Similarly, one can also make a choice between a true laser device and the one which radiates intense pulsed light, otherwise known as IPLs.



Less Effective as Compared to their Counterpart

Professional laser hair removal treatments are no doubt expensive, but this is due to the various methods and processes involved. They generally include an examination of your skin color and texture, consultation with the doctor, choosing the perfect laser type, and many more, which are absent in case you decide to go with the DIY home laser hair removal. Similarly, the lasers emitted from the devices are not so powerful and hence may leave hair even after repeated sessions.

Risk Levels are too High

Using a laser hair removal device may also make your skin prone to burns and injuries as each skin type, color and texture require a personalized frequency of laser ray for the hair removal process. Going with a high or low frequency can severely impact your skin, which may be expensive in your pocket in the future. Moreover, these devices should never be used on tattoos, near eye-area, pigmented areas, moles, and inside the genital region. In case one feels a burning sensation while performing the hair removal process through the device, they must immediately stop and consult a doctor or skin-care specialist.

Have a Limited Usage Radius

As these devices are typically laced with less powerful lasers, they don’t work for every skin type. Although people with light skin color and darker hair can see some improvements, others might not get any help from these devices. Similarly, they may also need much-required touch-ups as compared to professional treatments.

Which one should you choose?

Now, this is a question which you should ask yourself. Just go through all these mentioned information and choose what’s best for you. If you want a short-term, less expensive way of getting rid of unwanted hair, then choosing laser hair removal devices is a good option. However, if you don’t mind spending a bit more money while getting a completely smooth and radiant skin with a fewer touch-up, unlike the devices, then book a professional laser hair removal treatment package today.