How does Home laser hair removal work?

home laser hair removal
Out of all the hair removal techniques out there, laser hair removal is the most excited and trusted among beauty enthusiasts. Hair removal is not about vanity but a lot to do with comfort, convenience, and choice about how to present oneself. Despite the many benefits, the biggest drawback of laser hair removal is its cost. Depending on the hair growth and the surface area to be treated, it can cost up to a hundred dollars and even more per session. And mind you, it’s not a one-time treatment as you have to undergo several treatment sessions for several months at an interval of a few weeks. So you can very well imagine how much the cost is going to pile up. Hence many people are now opting for Home laser hair removal. Before, we dig deeper, let’s understand its basic working principles. It will help us build a solid foundation for understanding the rest of the things.

How does it work?

The laser targets the pigment in the hair follicles, which absorb the light. After that, the hair follicle either gets destroyed or gets damaged to the point that their growth is stunted. The at-home laser devices work in the same way. It emits a laser pulse which targets the hair follicles. The area around the roots gets heated up, and the further growth of the new hair is stopped for a long time. However, the machines that the professionals use are much larger and powerful in their efficacy.

How do you use it?

The use depends on the at-home laser treatment device you are using. The device is generally pointed at the area wherever the hair needs to be targeted. Once the hair follicle is targeted, you can move to another area. Each area will require a particular number of pulses. The monitor of the device will keep the number of pulses per body part in check. You can see it in its display. This way, you will know that the specific area has been effectively treated. The treatment has to be done at an interval of a few weeks. You cannot, at any cost, use it every day or every alternate day. This will over sensitize your skin, and there is even a chance that the skin can suffer from first degree burns.

Where can you use it?

You can use them at home devices anywhere an in-office laser treatment can be used. It can be used underarms, bikini area, arms, upper lips, stomach, hands, etc. but you have to use it cautiously as at-home devices can feel a bit painful. The feeling is described as a stinging sensation that can persist for some time. The salon-grade treatment utilizes a numbing gel; hence the pain is not that noticeable. The accompanied redness and soreness, along with the pain, will subside after a few hours. It’s normal and happens to all. However, if you feel more uncomfortable, consider visiting your doctor immediately.

Does it work?

According to clinical tests and users review, the at-home device can be useful in removing at least 70% of the hair-growth in just a few sessions. However, you have to use it consistently and follow the instructions thoroughly. You can always seek an expert advice rather than taking a solo decision on such matters.
Home laser hair removal can be cost-effective as well as so successful results. However, you have to be mindful of where and how to use it. Do your research well before investing. In case your skin is allergic to chemicals or highly sensitive, it is better to consult a doctor before proceeding.