How to get rid of your upper lip hair with laser hair removal

Although most people know of shaving and waxing as the most logical ways to remove unwanted hair on the legs, armpits, back, arms, or stomach, knowing what to do about upper lip hair is often more confusing. After all, the upper lip area is a small, sensitive area of skin with hairs that can be hard to spot early on. 

However, having unwanted peach fuzz on your upper lip can interfere with your makeup and daily skincare routine! Luckily, laser hair removal is an easy way to remove unwanted hair on your upper lip. However, if you’ve never done laser hair removal before, you may be hesitant to try it out, especially on an area of skin like the upper lip area, where it’s best to be more gentle and delicate. 

Luckily, this popular cosmetic treatment has been tested and improved throughout the years to provide an easy and safe hair removal experience. You may be wondering: What is laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal treatments remove unwanted hair by using low-intensity laser light that is absorbed by the pigment in your hair. Once your hair absorbs this low-intensity light, the hair follicle is destroyed at the root. Unlike shaving and waxing, which are more surface-level treatments, laser goes under the skin to provide a more long-term result. By removing the hair follicle, you are less likely to grow hair in that area in the future. In simpler terms, your hair growth cycle has been stopped once the light reaches the follicle. 

If you’re still hesitant about doing laser hair removal, that’s totally normal! Below are some of the benefits of doing laser hair removal on your upper lip compared to other treatments, like shaving, waxing, or tweezing, which may be less effective and more painful. 


Laser hair removal uses a light treatment that works under the skin to destroy the hair follicle while keeping the surrounding skin as good as new. Due to the precision of this laser light treatment, you can rest assured that getting rid of hair with laser is effective at stopping your hair cycle and removing unwanted upper lip hair! 

While shaving, waxing, and tweezing work to remove the hair that is currently above your skin, IPL devices goes under the skin to remove the follicle itself. This makes it a more effective and precise treatment than most other options. 


Laser hair removal treats multiple hairs at once and takes just a portion of a second to target the unwanted hair follicle. Since your upper lip is a small portion of skin, most people find that they can finish their hair removal treatment for that portion of the face in less than one minute, making it a quick and easy way to remove hair for the months to come! 

Unlike tweezing, where you have to target each and every hair with great precision, IPL devices treat multiple hairs all at once in fractions of a second. If you have a low pain tolerance or want a quick way to remove peach fuzz, IPL treatment is a great option to consider. 

Long-lasting results 

Since the laser goes under the skin to heat up and destroy the hair follicle, your hair cycle will be stopped. This makes laser hair removal a more long-lasting solution when compared to shaving or waxing, which goes above the skin and does nothing to destroy or remove the hair follicle. After just a few sessions, you’ll never have to target that same area again. However, if you choose to wax, shave, or tweeze your upper lip instead, the hair follicle will not be removed and the hair will come back within just a few days. 


Since you can do sessions at home, with your own device, in just a few minutes, this treatment is easier than most hair removal treatments that tend to be more labor-intensive and less effective! 

While shaving and tweezing require great precision, attention to detail, and lots of preparation, laser hair removal devices are designed to be quick, effective, and easy to use at home. 

At-home treatment option 

Although most people spend lots of time and money booking waxing and laser  appointments at a studio, there are many home IPL devices devices that you can buy and use at home. One of the most popular IPL device brands is EXO beauty, which offers handheld laser hair removal devices that you can use at home to remove upper lip hair and unwanted hair in other areas. Their IPL hair removal handset device can be used on just about any part of your body, including your upper lip area! In just 3-4 weeks of using this device at home, you’ll start seeing long-term results. 

Since laser hair removal is a great at-home treatment option, you won’t have to spend time or money booking appointments in a studio. It will also be easier to fit your hair removal treatment into your schedule since you won’t have to find a person or place to get it done. 

Other things to consider 

Although IPL hair removal is a great way to remove unwanted upper lip hair, it’s important to ensure that you are suitable for this type of treatment. It’s also important to consult a professional and purchase a laser hair removal device that’s right for you! By consulting a professional, even if it’s just your primary care doctor, you’ll be able to make sure that your hair growth and skin are normal. However, if you have underlying conditions that cause sensitive skin or irregular hair growth, you may not be a candidate for laser hair removal. That being said, if you have a skin condition that causes excessive hair growth, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, you may be a good candidate for laser hair removal. After all, IPL can help you achieve long-term results that stop pesky hairs in unwanted areas, whether it be your upper lip or neck. If you have darker or more noticeable hairs, you will likely be a great candidate for laser  treatments. 

Typically, women who are pregnant or in menopause are not candidates to use at-home laser hair removal devices. Even if you are a candidate for laser hair removal, it’s still important to follow all of the pre-procedure directions before doing a laser hair removal. These tasks may include…

Avoid UV light exposure and excessive sunlight 4 weeks before treatment 

Do not tweeze or wax the soon-to-be-treated area of skin for 4-6 weeks 

Cleanse your skin on the same day of your laser hair removal treatment 

Do not get any micro-needling facials, injections, or peels 2 weeks before your treatment 

Avoid skincare products that cause photosensitivity 4-6 weeks before your treatment 

Once you know the basic rules of laser hair removal, you can utilize this quick and effective treatment to get rid of your most pesky hairs. Whether you decide to do laser hair removal at home or in a studio, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. However, it depends on how many areas you plan on treating that day. While removing hair on your upper lip won’t take more than one minute, removing hair on your legs, back, arms, or stomach with a laser hair removal device may take a few minutes at a time. However, when compared to shaving or waxing, it will be much quicker and more effective! 

Although you can expect to see results after your first appointment, it will typically take 4-6 treatments to start seeing permanent results. If you space your appointments 4-8 weeks apart, you can expect to see 70-80% hair reduction after just your first 4 sessions! Furthermore, you won’t have to wait in between each session to make sure your hair has grown out all the way. Since IPL devices go under the skin to remove the hair follicle, the hair does not have to be above the skin for the devices to work their magic. 

Ultimately, removing upper lip hair is never fun or easy. Luckily, home laser devices allows you to destroy the hair follicles in that area in just a few minutes or less. This safe and effective treatment has been used and improved for years, making it a tried and true method to get rid of the most unwanted hairs on your upper lip. 


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