IPL Hair Removal Dark Skin Guide 2020


Although IPL hair laser removal methods come in various model versions and are highly effective, however, there can be some risks too. These devices are used for easing the removal of unwanted hair from any part of the body by using specific rays. But, the catch here is that not every IPL device is designed for each skin tone. While some can be effective on fair skin, they can severely affect the skin dermis in people with darker skin tones. So, let’s know why do people with darker skin tones have to be extra careful with IPL devices.

IPL hair removal

Why should People with Darker Skin Tones choose IPL Hair Removal Methods carefully?

IPL hair removal devices work by emitting rays of specific wavelengths, which are then absorbed by the melanin found in hair follicles. This helps in stunting their growth where the hair follicle is forced to go into the resting phase. However, biology also states that melanin is profoundly found in the skin tissues of people with darker skin-tones. Thus, whenever their skin gets in contact with a ray without proper personalization, they might experience skin damages, including rashes, lesions, etc.


How to Find out if your IPL Device is Safe?

Every IPL device comes with its manual stating their usage rules, guidelines to follow, and skin tones they can be safely used upon. Be sure to read the manual before you use the IPL device or even purchase it from any online or offline store. Moreover, you can also compare your skin tone with the scale which comes within the device package to have a better understanding of your own body texture. In case you find yourself within the mid-range of the scale, then opting for a device with a higher tone strength can be considered best. However, if you are amongst the last tones, then go for a device that supports all tones.


Some Do’s and Don’ts while Searching for the Perfect IPL Hair Removal device.

  1. Always perform a clinical test on your skin to find out if you have any allergies to the rays. In case you don’t do so, you may have to go through a lot of pain and suffering or even have severe skin damages in the future.

  2. Check the reviews section of the device you are thinking of purchasing. This can give you  a clear idea of how well the machine operates. You can also scroll through numerous surveys, websites, or compare their specifications with others for a better understanding.

  3. Match your skin color with the scale carefully before you start using the device. Similarly, always go for a tone higher so that you have reduced chances of skin damage.

  4. Never try out a laser device without taking an official prescription from your beautician or skin specialist. Let your doctor find out the parallel rays for your skin before you decide to start experimenting.

  5. Getting a deep exfoliation just before you go for a laser hair removal at your home might be a better option. This can help you get rid of unwanted hair without the need to endure much pain and discomfort.

  6. Trimming long hairs from places like the underarms or bikini areas can also help you in streamlining your task. This can help you get a stress-free IPL hair removal experience without putting much effort.

Undoubtedly, each skin type is different. They come with numerous flaws as well as benefits, thus no matter what, you must always love your own body rather than comparing it with others. This will give you new confidence over your body and make you feel attractive.