IPL Hair Removal Guide for Dark Skin 2020


Although IPL hair laser removal methods come in various model versions and are highly effective, there can be some risks involved. These devices are used to easily remove unwanted body hair, but the catch is that not every IPL device is designed for every skin tone. Some can be effective on fair skin but cause damage to the dermis in people with darker skin tones. Let’s take a minute to talk about IPL hair removal as it applies to dark skin.

IPL hair removal

Why Do People with Darker Skin Tones Need to Choose IPL Hair Removal Methods Carefully?

IPL hair removal devices work by emitting specific wavelengths of light, which are then absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. This forces the follicles to go into the resting phase, which stunts hair growth. However, melanin is also found in higher amounts in dark skin than in light skin. Laser treatment that is not carefully chosen for the individual may target the melanin in the skin and cause burns or rashes.


How Do You Know If Your IPL Device Is Safe?

Every IPL device comes with a manual stating the usage rules, guidelines to follow, and which skin tones they can be safely used upon. Be sure to read the manual before you use the IPL device, and review it before purchasing the device to be certain it can be used on your skin tone. There may be a scale of skin tones included in the package, which you can compare to your skin to learn the exact tone and type. If you find yourself in the mid-range of the scale, then opting for a device with a higher tone strength may be best. However, if you are among the last tones, then go for a device that supports all tones.


Some Do’s and Don’ts When Looking for the Perfect IPL Hair Removal Device.

  1. Always perform a test on your skin to find out if you have any sensitivity to the rays. Testing a small patch of skin will prevent you from inadvertently damaging the entire area you intend to treat. 

  2. Check the reviews for the device you are thinking of purchasing. This can give you a good idea of how effective the device is and how easy people find it to use. You can also check the product against competitors to see how they compare and which would be best for you.

  3. Match your skin color with the scale carefully before you start using the device. If you’re unsure, it’s safest to go for a tone higher so that you have reduced chances of skin damage.

  4. Never try out a laser device without consulting your beautician or skin specialist. Let your doctor help you find the most appropriate type of decide for your skin.

  5. Getting a deep exfoliation before laser hair removal can be beneficial, as it can reduce discomfort experienced during the procedure.

    6. Trimming long hairs from places like the underarms or bikini areas can also make treatment easier. This can help ensure that your IPL hair removal experience is stress-free.

 Everyone’s skin is different, and it’s important to care for and appreciate your unique skin as it is, rather than comparing to others. This will give you new confidence in your body and make you see your true beauty.