Laser or Razor- The better hair removal option?

If you are familiar with tweezing, shaving, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, then you know the repetitive process can be quite a hassle. There is a social stigma to flaunting body hair in the public, especially women, which should not be an issue in the first place. However, it's a matter of choice whether you want to have body hair or not, and one of the best hair removal techniques in the market nowadays is the laser hair removal technique. Even if you don't have the time or desire to visit a clinic, there are many devices available nowadays that allows laser hair removal at home.



The procedure

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent times. The social media influence of having the best-looking skin has partly influenced to have a smooth, glowing, and "hairless "skin. The principle behind the procedure is to use highly concentrated light on the parts where hair removal has to be done. The hair follicles have pigments in them that absorb the light and eventually start to get damaged or deteriorate with time. This leads to significantly less growth of hair.

The treatment is done to reduce unwanted hair growth on locations like the upper lip, chin, legs, armpits, and the bikini line. The hair color and the type of skin also influence the effectiveness of the procedure. The basic principle is that the laser treatment must be absorbed by the hair follicles, not the skin. Hence the ideal case is someone with dark hair and fair skin. These contrasts give the best outcomes in comparison to other skin and hair types.

Options for light-colored hair are being developed, but as if now the process is less effective as light doesn't get adequately absorbed on such hair types. It is possible to use a laser hair treatment on any area of the body except for the eyes and the surrounding area as it can adversely affect the delicate tissues of the eyes. While following a laser hair removal procedure at home, this should be kept in mind as well.

Benefits of laser hair treatment

The laser hair treatments are precise and can effectively target coarse and dark hair while not damaging the surrounding area. Due to this precision, many hair follicles can be treated at the same time. The upper lip treatment can take less than a minute while the other areas like the legs and back can take up to an hour. Most patients have seen the desired results after a few sessions. The hair growth will eventually become negligible, and the appearance will also be next to nothing.

Although laser hair treatments can effectively reduce the growth of hair and save you lots of time and effort than the traditional method of hair removal techniques. However, it should be noted that it is not a permanent hair removal treatment. Multiple laser hair removal treatments, along with maintenance treatments, are required to see the best results. The process is also not cheap on the pockets with each session in a clinic can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Investing in a useful device for laser hair removal at home can save a lot of time and money from making several trips to the clinic. They are convenient and straightforward to use. Hair removal is a personal choice, but doing the right way is a satisfying investment for many.