Laser or Razor: Which is the better hair removal option?

Anyone who's used tweezing, shaving, or waxing to remove unwanted hair knows how much of a hassle the repetitive techniques can be. This is supposed to be a simple process. Despite the social stigma around it, a woman's choice of how much hair she wants to maintain on her physique should be a quick and easy decision. The most intuitive way to groom your body hair is at-home laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is among the most popular cosmetic procedures these days. Social media is tapered with depictions of the most appealing skin as appearing smooth, glowing, and "hairless".


The Procedure

This procedure focuses highly concentrated light onto hair follicles, which have pigments that absorb the light and allow the hair to deteriorate over time. Since the hair coloring is the key to this process, those with darker hair and/or lighter skin tones are more conducive to easy and effective laser removal. More adequate options are still in development for comparable results with light-colored hair, which remains the more difficult type to handle under this procedure.

This treatment can be done to reduce unwanted hair growth in regions like the upper lip, chin, legs, armpits, and bikini line. Keep in mind that only the area including and surrounding the eyes cannot be exposed to laser radiation, due to the delicate tissue.

Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair removal is precise and can effectively target coarse and dark hair without damaging the surrounding area. Hair in different parts of the body can be treated within the same session for this reason. The upper lip can be done in less than a minute, while areas like the legs and back can take up to an hour. Most patients will see desired results after only a few sessions, and hair growth will soon become negligible.

It's worth noting that laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal method. It's meant as an efficient way to regularly tend to your body hair with multiple sessions and corresponding maintenance treatments. Individual sessions at a traditional clinic could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. Instead, opt for a laser hair removal at home to save lots of time and money. Your body is worth investing in a long-term to care for from the comfort of your own home.