The Cost of laser hair removal

Cost of laser hair removal

Hair removal can be quite stressful if you are into a clean and hairless look all the time. But if you are ready to take the hair removal game to the next level then you might have to consider the laser hair removal cost. Shaving, tweezing, threading and waxing are some of the most popular and traditional forms of hair removal but they can be quite time-consuming at the same time inconvenient. It would be way better to invest in something that doesn’t require to visit the salon so often. Also in such traditional methods of hair removal, it would be difficult to postpone the appointments for longer as the stubble will grow back and appear even more unappealing.

laser hair removal cost

Laser hair removal method

The laser hair removal procedure is steadily gaining more and more popularity over the years. It is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in recent years. This process utilizes the mechanism of concentrated light that falls on the hair follicles which then damages them leading to stunted growth or entirely killing the growth. The entire procedure can take up to a few sessions that would last for a couple of months. Even if the process is being done at home with the help of a laser hair removal device still it would require regular and continuous sessions to see the desired result. The intervals between each session are kept at a minimum of a few weeks. The hair even if grows back for some reason is too light and frail to be noticeable. The process cannot be called as completely permanent as there are chances that some of the dormant hair follicles can eventually become active after a few years. But the treated skin will appear smooth and hairless mostly.


Benefits of laser hair removal

The laser hair removal cost might be on the expensive side for many but the investment will be worth it. Some of the benefits of laser hair removal are-

  • The process is very precise. The laser can target the coarse and dark hair follicles on the targeted area while leaving the rest of the surrounding space undamaged.
  • The pulse of the laser each time will take only a few seconds but is capable of treating hundreds of hair follicles at the same time. The laser is deliberately utilized in small areas. Each time the targeted area is no more than the size of a quarter.
  • Small areas like the upper lip or chin can be treated within a few minutes. While larger areas like the arms and the legs can take up to one hour.
  • The process is mostly predictable. Most people will attest the permanent hair removal within six to seven sessions.


Expectations for laser hair removal

Just before the treatment starts the hair will have to be shaved up to a few millimeters above the skin. Generally the technicians apply a topical numbing ointment on the surface to be treated. The laser pulses might sting a bit but by applying the cream for 20- 30 minutes. The success of the laser treatment largely depends on the location of the hair follicles, thickness, and coarseness of the hair; and skin color. Depending upon the source of the laser light, the technician and the patient need to wear specific eye gear to protect the eyes. After the procedure has been completed the technician can give anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, ice packs or cold water to soothe any irritation. The area treated might appear red and slight tingling sensation can be felt which will subside after a few hours. After the initial treatment, the next can be scheduled for after a gap of six weeks. These sessions will continue until the hair growth is completely stopped. It would take a few months or weeks depending upon the hair growth cycle of the patient.

Laser hair removal cost is probably more expensive than any other hair removal techniques. Even investing in an at-home laser hair removal machine can be quite a luxury. But the effects will definitely satisfy someone who aspires that hairless hassle-free life.