Things to know about Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The custom of Brazilian laser hair removal has been present since ancient times. Women all over the world have been involved in some Brazilian hair removal, and it’s highly typical for people even to consider. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to go hairless and have that clean feeling down under as well. This kind of hair removal rose to prominence with the advent of bathing suits and changes in lingerie that created a desire to get a clean and smooth appearance everywhere. With so many methods of hair removal out there, starting from waxing, threading, and shaving, laser hair removal is regarded as a safer and effective method. Shaving and threading can lead to ingrown hairs, and waxing in the vaginal area can sure be as painful as hell. So laser hair removal might be your best bet.

Things to know about Brazilian Hair Removal

Shaving or waxing can be quite a time-consuming activity to be involved with regularly. Imagine how much time you can save each morning if you don't have to deal with shaving anymore. Especially shaving the bikini line can be quite intimidating for some. There is always the chance of cutting yourself, and as it's a susceptible area, you don’t want to get the risk of infection by using waxing or threading, which is quite common.

Brazilian l hair removal techniques are quite popular among women nowadays, whether young or aged. The process is non- invasive and gives lasting results. There are also variations in this process as well. The clients can choose to go entirely or partially bare there according to their preference. They need to talk to their relevant technicians about how they can manage that.

It is important to shave the area before going in for the laser hair removal appointment. It is considered as a general etiquette to not go during the period as it can be quite unsanitary as well as awkward for both you and the technician to have to deal with it. Although it’s quite safe to do it while on periods with a clean tampon on, the area will most likely be prone to more sensitivity during that time.

Shaving is better than waxing or threading before laser hair removal because the laser needs to target the hair follicle. With waxing and threading, the hair follicles are pulled out, and hence, there is no point in going for waxing after that. And shaving is mandatory approximately twelve hours before the treatment. The time-lapse will decrease the sensitivity after shaving. The shaving also prevents the burning of hair from the top during the therapy.

Do not go in there to get a laser hair treatment with a fake tan all over the body. The skin even down there must be clean of any products. The area must be thoroughly cleaned with a pH balanced feminine foaming cleanser. This will allow for a more hygienic and practical treatment session.

There is always a free consultation session with the technicians before the appointment. It is crucial that you are very honest with them about any previous treatment there or if you are on medication. The patient’s physical condition will determine the extent and feasibility of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal will require several sessions. It’s not a procedure where only one time will guarantee a flawless skin forever, and it’s not entirely permanent. Although it has to be taken into consideration, that hair will grow fewer and thinner eventually. It would be unnoticeable, but it doesn’t guarantee the complete termination of hair growth. However, for those who have opted for it guarantee that it’s an investment worth having. So it’s better to have realistic expectations.

There can be some numbing gel used during the procedure and some post-procedure care regime that needs to be followed. So discuss this before the procedure is done. The treated areas might appear sunburnt and have some mild swelling, which is quite reasonable. So there is no need to panic. Only use the recommended products in the area.

Avoid any physically strenuous activity and hot showers for at least 24 hours after the treatment on the bikini line. The area will be prone to extra sensitivity and infection, and you don't want to have a difficult time when all you ever wanted was a hair-free and clean experience. So a little restraint on your activities for a few hours is recommended.

Brazilian laser hair removal is effective and safe if done under the right supervision. There is no need to feel unsure if proper research is done. With so many perks, there is no need to rethink again.


Shaving, waxing, and plucking are the most common and traditional methods of hair removal in practice. Although they might seem convenient because they are all tried and tested methods, yet they are time-consuming and not to mention don't give long term effects. However one could opt for laser hair removal which might seem a bit over the board for hair removal and some, it could be a little expensive, but the results are worth it. The procedure must be done with the help of the right certified professional, and the result will be safe and as per the consultations.

Laser hair removal features

Laser hair removal might sound complicated, but it's not. Energy from the laser is concentrated on the hair follicle, which destroys the roots. As the roots are destroyed the chances of hair growth are reduced. Although it must be noted that the process will not guarantee the permanent and complete loss of hair on the treated parts, but the skin will appear visibly hairless. There are three kinds of lasers available currently. The diode laser is successful on dark and light skin. The Alexandrite is used to treat more significant body parts and is the fastest of all laser types. It is valid for people with olive to light complexions. The Nd- YAG is less effective on fine and light hair types, but this long pulse laser technique can be used safely on all kinds of skin, even the tanned ones.The best area to use laser hair removal is underarms, chin, lip, and bikini areas. 


The laser hair removal cost depends on the amount of area that needs to be worked on and the extent of the sessions that the client has to cover. The best candidates for laser hair removal are people with coarse, thick, and dark hair. Due to the color or pigment of the hair, the laser is best attracted to the hair follicle hence giving an effective result. Sometimes even after completing the designated sessions of the hair removal procedure, some stubborn hair can regrow back. Sometimes new hair can grow from recently activated hair bulbs or hormonal changes. The visible results can be seen only after about 6 to 8 treatments. The technique works best when the hair is in its active growth rate. As different parts of the body have different growth rates, the results also vary.



One of the biggest mistakes that people make during the process is missing specific sessions. Some clients don't complete the course once they see the hair growth has slowed down. It's better to listen to the practitioner and follow through the entire term. The procedure is not necessarily painful, although some clients might feel a warm tingling session. It is only natural as the laser is being targeted to burn the hair follicles. Certain other precautions that are meant to be followed are to limit or stop the use of certain drugs. It is entirely safe to be done even during menstrual cycles, but tanning is not preferred. Sunburnt, and tanned skin cannot be treated upon by this procedure. Although the risks are very few and very rarely seen yet, people have several misguided notions about laser hair removal. It is advised to have realistic expectations and have thorough discussions with the professional about the treatment plans, cost, and period.