What are the safe ways for pubic hair removal at home?

There are a lot of doubts amongst youngsters when it comes to shaving their pubic hair. In this blog we will try to address them all with best methods used by millions of people around the globe.

Trimming with scissors

To achieve a well-groomed look, using scissors is the best way. The scissors do not directly contact the skin, so the risk of injury is relatively low. To ensure that they do not tug on the hairs, the scissors must be clean and sharp. To avoid any cuts and knicks, try sitting down while using scissors in those areas. Use a handheld mirror and proper lighting to get a clear view. The hair will grow back within a few days; hence a regular trimming is necessary for a clean look.


Shaving is another popular option for Hair Removal at home and is almost painless, but the razors make direct contact with the skin as the hair is removed from the base. Hence, shaving can cause temporary redness, irritation, and itchiness. To reduce the risk, take a shower before shaving or soak in a warm bath. Use a shaving lotion or cream along with a razor with multiple blades. The pubic area has very delicate skin; hence go very slowly to avoid cuts and nicks.


Waxing will pull out the hair from its follicles and multiple strands at a time. It is typically painful and can cause infection and irritation in the sensitive skin of the pubic region. The process is more painful than trimming and shaving, but the effects last longer. There is also a service where you can have your pubic hair professionally waxed at a salon. Otherwise, you can also use over-the-counter kits or waxing strips.


Tweezing has the same principle as waxing and causes a sharp pinching sensation.it is a simple yet effective way to pluck out a small number of hairs from a part. It is a relatively time-consuming process as only one strand can be plucked at a time. It is not an efficient way to remove hair from larger areas, but it is an excellent method for touch-ups.

Using hair removal creams

The depilatory creams or hair removal creams contain a chemical that breaks down the hair proteins. This makes the base of the hair weak, and hence they can be removed easily with just a wipe. These creams are available over the counter. Just like waxing, the results last longer than trimming or shaving. Although a painless procedure, the cream itself can cause allergic reactions due to the chemicals present, it is essential to do a patch test before using the cream on a larger surface area.

Professional hair removal Waxing

Professional waxing is always superior to at-home waxing when done by an experienced expert. There are chances you can miss certain places when Hair Removal at home is done, but with professional help, that chance is minimal.


In electrolysis, radio waves are used to damage the hair follicles. The growth of the new hair is disrupted, and the treated hair falls out. But it's a slow process as a single session can take up to an hour or more. Multiple follow- up sessions are also required.

Laser hair removal

It is by far the most effective way to remove hair using laser therapy. It is not entirely permanent, but the hair will grow back thinner and almost in negligible amount. This is the best way to remove pubic hair so far. Now that DIY kits are available, people are finding it more convenient.
Description: If you’re looking for safe methods to have pubic hair removal at home, read this blog. Know why laser hair removal is the best method so far.