What Happens During Brazilian Hair Removal

Have you been wondering about getting a flawless and shiny, smooth body? Then, choosing the Brazilian Hair Removal method is the best one for you. However, gathering courage for this method is also one of the toughest decisions you may have to face in your life. Being one of the most excited and preferred wax methods, the trend which initially started from celebrities has now reached to the general population in recent decades. Moreover, the technique also allows an individual to keep some hair on the genital area or make it utterly hair-free as they desire. But, how exactly does this method work? Let’s have a brief discussion about this.

What is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian Wax is defined as the waxing system where your beautician helps you get rid of unwanted hair in the genital area. As discussed above, this can be done partially in the form of a landing strip or triangle or the area can be thoroughly cleaned. This includes the top, sides, front, and even the hard-to-reach places in the back. Going for a full Brazilian wax leaves your genital area completely bare and fresh.

How is it done?

  1. When you decide to go for a Brazilian wax, you will need to lie down without your pants while simultaneously bending your knees and separating your legs.
  2. Your beautician might apply a cleaning solution on the area which is followed by putting hot wax.
  3. The hot wax is applied to the direction of growing hair which is then left for some time.
  4. When it’s time to remove the strip, the wax specialist will pull the piece swiftly to remove unwanted hair from the targeted area.
  5. This process is then followed a couple of times until the entire genital area is clean and fresh.

Does it hurt?

Now, this is a question which hovers in the minds of almost every woman. The hair in the genital area is undoubtedly coarse and thick at the same time, causing many to shiver while thinking of going for a Brazilian wax. Although your first encounter may give you a chilling amount of pain 

for a particular duration, the pain is worth the results. Similarly, for women who shave their down hair, it may be a bit stingy and painful. However, the pain eventually subsides with continuous sessions leaving your hair in the genital area less thick and coarse.

Things to Remember After a Brazilian Wax Therapy

There are certain things, which must be remembered after you have gone through a Brazilian wax removal treatment. These include:

  1. One must avoid taking baths immediately after the procedure. This is because contact with hot or warm water can make the already sensitive area prone to severe rashes, itchiness and other issues. Similarly, in the case of cold water, the area may attract infections.
  2. Avoiding intense workouts after the therapy is a must. Working out can cause the onset of sweat, leaving your freshly shaved genital area all sticky and prone to infections. Similarly, brushing off the cloth can cause rashes and unnecessary friction in the area.
  3. Another thing to keep in mind after getting your hair cleaned is to stay away from immediate intercourse and exfoliation of the skin. The repeated friction on the skin can result in the growth of ingrown hair, leaving you with small red bumps on your genital skin.
  4. Usage of artificial fragrances, colored soaps, lotions, and sprays should be avoided. This can cause irritation and other issues leaving your part all painful and stingy. However, using mild baby soap often does the trick without actually harming your freshly shaved skin.


Although, Brazilian Hair Removal is one of the most rigorous and painful wax methods, following properly before and after-care tricks can leave you with an enhanced boost of self-confidence and a positive outlook of your body.