Laser Hair Removal Cost 

Being a woman is amazing and along with all its life perks that comes with it, there are always some downsides. To name one big downside is the massive mood swings that comes crashing down like an 8 foot wave once a month. However, we’re not going to discuss about that topic, but rather another challenge we all face. Which is getting rid of unwanted hair in our body. Just like how to maintain our youthful and smooth skin for our faces, we desire to uphold the same standard for the rest of our body as well. We understand that showing a certain amount of skin will depend on the person, but at least during summer, it’s nice to wear a cute tank top and a pair of shorts on a stroll to the beach. And of course, a swimwear too would be great if you have a group of friends to go with. 

I feel as if each of the beauty task for women is a constant struggle and maintenance that will never end. So, is there a solution to simply check off a beauty task as if it is on the list of things to do list. That sounds like something that would be amazing no? So, let's get to it with adding this hairless business on the checklist. Shaving for most women started off during early-mid high school and perhaps even college for some lucky ones. It really depends on your ethnicity on the individual and your stage, which your body entered puberty. And like how most guys start shaving their facial hair, women begin shaving ourselves as well. Except, in our case, it's not the face and its mostly our entire body. While some women shave once of twice a week, there are a good amount that shave every other day. When all of it seems like a typical routine tasks, when we actually accumulate all of the hours that are gone to getting rid of hair, you will begin to question yourself. 

Comparison between home IPL devices and laser clinics 


Nowadays, most women are searching for a local laser hair treatment on google to learn more about it and see how much it really costs. I’m sure if you have done your research or ask your friends who have experienced it, then you would know that the price is steep. While most of us would agree that getting rid of the big area like your leg or arm would be great, the most difficult and time consuming area is the bikini/brazilian. The average cost for a bikini line at a laser clinic would go for around $400 per session and it would take around a total of sessions to see the full results. The total would come out to be around ~$2,400. I don’t think most of have that much laying around for us to just use at our disposal. Don’t forget about the time to drive to the clinic and the experience with a professional yet a complete stranger that will be going down there in your most private area. In another case, what if you don’t have the time or not able to continue your sessions if you happened to by away. That would be a concern since continually doing the sessions within a certain time frame is crucial for the process to work. If you do leave long gaps, then it might it might not be as effective. 

Now, let’s talk about the 2nd big concern aside from the laser hair removal cost, which is the pain during the laser treatment. I have heard that some women used some topical numbing cream or even taking ibuprofen before the procedure. When I hear about this, it seems like its very invasive and quite a scary procedure to go through. On the other hand, the portable home IPL device has little to no pain even at its highest level. Does that mean it is not affected? Not necessarily because you can still feel a warm sensation that is creating heat to destroy the hair follicles. As instructed, you are supposed to shave about 6-8 hours beforehand. If you happened to shave much earlier and use the product, you can smell a slight burning smell which is definitely your hair follicles being burnt. Of course, this is perfectly normal and only happens if you have some hair growing while you use the hair removal kit. 

What is IPL hair removal 

The next best affordable option would be an at-home laser hair removal. The hair removal devices to be used at home uses a technology called IPL, which stands for Intense Pulse Light. IPL works quite similar to a laser treatment at a clinic instead it uses an intense lamp. Basically, when a light beam is released to the exposed skin, the light then gets absorbed the pigment of the hair, which creates heat. The heat destroys the cells in the follicle which are responsible for hair regrowth. 

The upside of using an IPL is that the general consumers can use it and it is portable. Using the product is much easier as well since the flash covers a much broader area than a small laser focused target. Of course, the convenience of using it in the comfort of your own home is a big plus. Simply turn on your favorite TV show on Netflix and use the laser hair removal device on your legs or arms. The device uses a flash lamp meaning it will cover a decent amount of area of about 1 inch vertically, so you can simply move it one inch with each flash. I’m not sure about everyone else, but it in my own experience I found it somewhat fun to use the device. While it does take a bit more time than shaving, it’s a much better investment in the long run.Also, it is definitely much easier than shaving and you won’t have to worry about razor burns or bumps. Basically, I got the IPL hair removal device and when you turn it on you will hear a quiet vacuum like sound come out from the back of the device. After a few seconds, it is ready for use. You begin my applying it to your area of use and press the large button and a flash will go off. To my surprise, I did not feel anything and continued to slide it to the next area. I applied to both of my legs and I managed to finish it within 15 minutes which isn’t too bad at all. The next time I would use it would be the following week and will continue for about 6-8 weeks, then I can cut it down to bi-weekly if the results are something I like at that point.

What is IPL hair removal 

Overall, it really just depends on the person and how your relationship with your razor is. Perhaps, you may enjoy taking time to shave in the bathtub or in the shower. You might not have any issues with razor bumps or razor burns. However, we can all agree that the bikini line is definitely a challenge to get rid of those hair unless it is a laser method. With shaving, you have to be very careful in your most sensitive area and waxing or plucking down right hurts like hell. Also, every method will end up costing money. Buying a razor, cream, and other items for shaving will add up. If you continue on the path of shaving, then those costs will simply continue unless your hair miraculously stops growing or you get sick of it all and decide to just stop shaving. Let’s be honest, those days or perhaps weeks might last for awhile during winter, but spring will always come and you will most likely go back to using your razor again. It becomes a love hate kind of a relationship and it repeats. 

From a financial standpoint, a laser hair removal at home would definitely be a smarter decision in the long run. Most IPL devices can be used from +300k flashes which is plenty for one individual and could last up to +10 years. Instead of paying for hundreds of razors throughout the years, you can get just one portable device that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Not only that, but saving you a huge amount of time as well if you end up choosing to use a laser removal. So, for my final say, why not give laser hair removal kit a chance to try it out and you can do it at your home or wherever you go. Start saving money because now you know that the laser hair removal cost is much cheaper nowadays more than ever. Let’s start taking a bath more often rather than spending all those time shaving!