Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal sure is a long-lasting form of hair removal technique, but it's not permanent. Whether someone tries the at-home technique using a laser hair removal device or going to a clinic to get it done by a professional, the results will always vary. The principle of laser hair removal is that the hair follicle is destroyed and damaged by the concentrated laser on it. But there are chances that hair can grow back although it would be too fine to be noticeable. It can occur if the follicle is not destroyed somewhat damaged. This is the reason that laser hair removal being permanent cannot be validated. It is instead a long- term hair removal procedure that can take several sessions to get the desired effect.

The procedure

The technique utilizes light that targets the pigment in individual hairs. The light reaches the hair follicle by traveling down the shaft of the hair. The heat destroys the hair follicle from the laser light, and hence the hair can no longer grow from it. Our hair follows a distinctive pattern of the growth cycle that involves growing, shedding, and resting periods. The hair that is recently removed will be in resting period so it may not be visible to the technician. Hence the person might have to wait a while for the hair to show a little bit to remove it. But using an at-home device will help you use it as per your convenience and will. You will know precisely the target areas where you want to use it and hence don't have to wait for that long for the hair to show up. In case of following a treatment plan for a clinic, the entire course can extend up to two to three months. It can be quite a hassle to keep up with the appointments regularly considering our busy lifestyle. So having an at-home facility like a laser hair removal device can give you the freedom to use it anytime and anywhere you like.

How long will it last?

So, the question is, Is Laser hair removal permanent? Some people might experience some amount of hair growth in the targeted area. Various factors contribute to the number of hairs that regrows like the hormonal condition of the person, type of hair that regrows, and the efficiency of the removal process. It is frankly not possible to destroy all the hair follicles in one session at a time. When the hair shows again, it is possible to go for another session and eradicate it. Hence people might need several treatments to get the desired results. The hair that would eventually regrow will be lighter and less noticeable, so it not that the process is not doing anything. Most people cannot even see any hair regrowth for months.Laser hair removal is a beneficial and effective technique to get rid of that unwanted hair on the body which can be done at home without going clinic. It's effortless once the procedure is followed diligently with several sessions.