All that you need to know about IPL Hair Removal

The real example behind the concept “Beauty from Home”, IPL hair removal device have gained popularity in the recent decade. Not only are they easy to use but they have been found to offer quite similar results to laser hair removal treatments. However, with every new discovery comes with new misunderstandings. In the end, it leads to confusion and perhaps some misconception about the new IPL technology for home laser hair removal devices.

To eradicate such confusion, here are few things you need to know about these devices.

How does IPL Hair Removal work?

Most often confused with laser hair removal methods, the IPL devices are however much safer. They work using broad-spectrum light technology, which helps target the skin effectively without making any damages. It blasts rays with short wavelengths unlike lasers and hence is best for treating specific parts at a given time. As the rays get in contact with the hair roots, they swiftly burn them out, leaving almost no traces. Similarly, they come in various designs and models, that help the user to get a smooth hairless body in no time.

Now that we know how the treatment method works, let’s have a look at some of the common misconceptions.

IPL devices: A technology worth buying or simply an internet hype

A common question in everyone’s minds, there is a very fine layer that separates the truth from the myths surrounding these devices. To have a brief understanding, let’s start with the genuine facts about the IPL devices.

Facts about IPL

Safe - IPL devices have to go through lots of testing before they are approved to be released to the market. This means they are particularly designed to comply with all safety regulations and are also clinically approved. Another reason why people are more inclined towards using such devices is that they come with clear instructions for their usage. The devices encourage pre-testing that can help access any possible side-effects beforehand.

Fast Results- Similar to laser hair removal methods, IPL hair removal also provides the same results. The light rays act upon the root follicles, disrupting their normal growth cycle. This in turn leads to the falling of the treated unwanted hair, therefore aiding the area to stay hair-free for a long time. Regular usage has been found to be even more beneficial and long-lasting.

Budget Friendly- Unlike expensive laser sessions, these devices are a definite one-time investment. So, once you purchase these machines, you can expect them to last for a long time while offering multiple home hair removal treatments. Additionally, they don’t need any kind of accessories, or refills, making them the best partners for everyday use. Besides, most devices also rarely have mechanical failures and hence you can cut down the expenses of your fuel bills.

However, IPL devices always find themselves in the news for baseless rumors born out of some misconceptions. Let’s have a look at a few wildly popular misconceptions.  


Pain-free - While waxing or epilation is indeed the most painful method of removing unwanted hair, going under IPL rays isn’t completely pain-free. The rays upon contact can cause a piercing pain like that of rubber snapping against the skin. While comparing to laser session at a clinic, it is significantly less painful.  Also, the good news is that this pain only for a split second. Thus next time, you find someone claiming the process to be 100 percent pain-free, you know what to believe.

Permanent Results - Cosmetic companies often try fooling their customers by claiming their devices to be providing permanent results. But, in reality, they are nothing except some cheap marketing strategies. No matter how strong the device is, you can’t expect permanent results. When you use the device, it only disrupts the normal life cycle of hair follicles. It makes them trapped into a dormant stage for a certain time, giving you a hairless body. But, the follicles are bound to grow back, eventually requiring you to repeat the process. For the best results, it is advised to go in cycles, as the constant disruption ends up completely slowing hair growth, offering somewhat permanent results.

Application - IPL devices are specifically designed for usage in non-pubic areas. Still, you can stumble across many articles or videos that suggest otherwise. Generally, the skin around such areas is darker as compared to other parts of the body. This becomes a high-risk factor when the devices are carelessly used on areas including the near anus, inguinal, testicular parts, or scrotum. When subjected the melanin acts aggressively under the light rays, leading to severe skin burns, abrasions, and even allergies.

Thus users are always advised to read the instructions written on the product description carefully before applying it to their skin. It is also advisable to check with a dermatologist in case of any discomfort or skin irritation after using the device. 


IPL technology is undoubtedly an amazing technology that is affordable and offers convenience. It helps save a lot of time and money and can also be used from the comfort of your home. However, lesser knowledge about the devices or their improper usage can end up requiring immediate medical interventions. Thus, make sure to conduct your own research before jumping to try this hair removal method. On the other hand, you can go for a widely recommended home IPL device to rest assured about the safety of your skin. After all, there is nothing more important than the delicacy of your sensitive skin.