How IPL Hair Removal at home Kits work?

Hair removing has become synonymous with beauty standards across the globe. Having a hairless and smooth skin is attributed to being feminine. Although traditional means of hair removal are still popular, advanced technology has made hair removal even more useful. Hair removal techniques like IPL hair removal have slowly yet steadily gained popularity not because of their convenience but also immediate results and long term effectiveness. The technology has grown over the years to make it more accessible and safe to be used on clients.   

What is the IPL hair removal procedure? 

IPL hair removal uses low- rang infrared radiation and polychromatic light (full spectrum) to target the melanin (dark pigment) found in hair and skin. It is located in high concentration at the base of the hair follicle. The units of measurements for infrared radiation and wavelengths of light are called as nanometers (nms). Each nm is equivalent to one billionth of a meter. A broad wavelength of typically between 500- 1200 nm is used.Filters are used to block the potentially harmful wavelengths of light. The melanin surrounding the root of the hair absorbs the light energy. The heat energy thus generated destroys the papilla that is responsible for hair growth. This will make the hair shed after only one or two weeks of the treatment. The procedure aims to damage the hair follicle permanently. This will prevent the regrowth of hair for a long time.

Effectiveness of the procedure

IPL is suitable only for people who have good contrast between the hair and skin tone. The ideal candidate for this type of hair removal is someone with dark hair and pale skin. If the surface of the patient is too dark, then the risk of burning the surface is higher. Dark skin will absorb more light. If the skin is too pale, then the procedure may not be that effective at all. 

The effectiveness of laser hair removal also depends on the growth stage of the hair follicle. It is only effective during the anagen stage of growth. Only a percentage of hair is actively growing at any one time all over the body. The hair cycles and the length of the hair, in turn, also depend on the area of the body. Genetics, hormonal imbalance, and gender also play a vital role. So the growth cycle varies from person to person. It has been proved that IPL is effective in reducing the hair regrowth up to 80%.It will take multiple sessions and time to achieve the results. However, there is limited clinical data to state the exact duration of hair reduction and the frequency of its reoccurrence. Generally, there will be only 6- 8 sessions required initially along with annual follow-ups. This also depends on the area of the body treated and the individual’s physiology as well. 

What is IPL hair removal 

Overall, it really just depends on the person and how your relationship with your razor is. Perhaps, you may enjoy taking time to shave in the bathtub or in the shower. You might not have any issues with razor bumps or razor burns. However, we can all agree that the bikini line is definitely a challenge to get rid of those hair unless it is a laser method. With shaving, you have to be very careful in your most sensitive area and waxing or plucking down right hurts like hell. Also, every method will end up costing money. Buying a razor, cream, and other items for shaving will add up. If you continue on the path of shaving, then those costs will simply continue unless your hair miraculously stops growing or you get sick of it all and decide to just stop shaving. Let’s be honest, those days or perhaps weeks might last for awhile during winter, but spring will always come and you will most likely go back to using your razor again. It becomes a love hate kind of a relationship and it repeats. 

From a financial standpoint, a laser hair removal at home would definitely be a smarter decision in the long run. Most IPL devices can be used from +300k flashes which is plenty for one individual and could last up to +10 years. Instead of paying for hundreds of razors throughout the years, you can get just one portable device that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Not only that, but saving you a huge amount of time as well if you end up choosing to use a laser removal. So, for my final say, why not give laser hair removal kit a chance to try it out and you can do it at your home or wherever you go. Start saving money because now you know that the laser hair removal cost is much cheaper nowadays more than ever. Let’s start taking a bath more often rather than spending all those time shaving!  

Hair Removal At Home - Pro's

Many improved at-home devices work as effectively as salon based ones if appropriately used. There are several advantages to using an at-home device like- 

Expenditure- The most apparent benefit of having an at-home laser hair removal is cost saving. The initial investment of getting good at the home device is around $200. The cost of additional replacement flash cartridges must also be taken into account. Even then, when compared with the substantial savings made with frequent salon sessions and follow-ups, the initial cost is manageable. 

Convenience- With a very hectic lifestyle, sometimes it’s tough to keep up with those appointments. If one appointment is rescheduled, there are chances that the results of the process are being compromised. The process itself is costly, so not showing up on the appointments is the client’s loss. With at-home IPL handset, there is no need to have scheduled appointments. The treatments can be carried out anywhere and whenever you want. 

Comfort- if you are someone who doesn’t like the salon atmosphere in general or just don’t want to leave their house for various reasons, then this device is for you. It provides the comfort and convenience of your home while you carry on with the procedure. You can just lie down anywhere you want and do the procedure. 

Privacy- If being handled by strangers is not your thing, then at-home devices will give you the privacy that you need. You don't have to deal with strangers anymore, and you can handle the treatment all by yourself. Just follow the instructions, and it will be easy to get the hang of it thereon.  

There is a variety of at-home laser hair kits available in the market. It would be better for the consumer to choose the one which is FDA approved. They use the same technology and principle as the devices used in skin salons and dermatology clinics. They have been explicitly designed so that unqualified and untrained persons can use them. 

They use the same science as the professional machines so that they can achieve almost matching results at an affordable price. A person can get a salon-like experience at the convenience of their home. They are also travel friendly because most of them can be packed in the luggage and taken. But always do thorough research on IPL before committing to it. Consult a dermatologist if you have any allergies so that you can be on a safer side. At-home IPL devices are otherwise extremely reliable to use.