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Home Laser Hair Removal 


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A solution to your never ending search

We get it.. You've tried them all by waxing, plucking, and shaving off that unwanted hair. It's extremely time consuming and it hurts! Our device can help get rid of unwanted hair for almost all areas and it is safe to use for brazilian laser hair removal and facial laser hair removal for women, but men as well. Also, we all have unwanted hair somewhere in our body and razor bumps and burns are just no fun. 

So here's a solution to get you that smooth skin you always wanted that's simple & long term. Finally say goodbye to your razor and try our laser hair removal at home!

It's 2019.. so why are you still shaving?

On average, women spend around 3-4 hours a month shaving! We all have this growing problem and you need a long-term solution with a portable device that's easy to use. Life is already hectic as it is and we all need a bit more time to ourselves. See how EXObeauty's device is the best home laser hair removal solution.

"The best hair laser

removal at home!"

"I used to have laser removal treatment once a month over my entire body. It took a long time and cost a lot of money. Since I start using this portable laser hair removal product, my life has changed forever. I don't have to spent a lot of time and money anymore. This product is super easy to use, and the best thing is it's painless and available right at home. I love it!"

As Seen on ABC New's

Did you know...

That the average price for a laser treatment at a clinic costs about $235! Our portable laser hair removal cost is less than one session that can provide almost unlimited home sessions. And you have to go 4-6 times to see results. So, why break the bank..

Also, on average women spend around 3-4 hours a month shaving! Life is already hectic as it is and we all need a bit more time to ourselves. No hair removal device out there are completely permanent, but it is long term as long as you continue with a routine maintenance session from time to time. So, is laser hair removal permanent.. Not exactly, but we would say it's just about. 

Our product offers lasting, affordable, safe, effective and reliable hair removal treatment at the comfort of your own home. 

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