Best Laser hair removal at home

Of course, laser treatment clinics have existed for a long time, but I never really heard anything good out of it or didn't think it was worth the cost. A friend of mine who did try it ended up spending a total of ~$600 for her both of her legs and her bikini area. I'm not sure how many sessions it was in total, but it was in a course of a few months which I'm assuming more than 3-4 sessions. Let's not forget about the awkward bikini sessions. In my case, I was definitely not up for the so called challenge to go through the expenses and the awkward and unforgettable sessions. The option for a hair removal at home cost for the home device was significantly cheaper.So, going back to the laser hair removal device, I decided to try it out and give it shot. I've heard quite a lot about it online and it seems to be the new trend since it's cheaper solution than the clinics. Before using anything new, I did my fair amount of research to see how effective the device was and how it was different or better than the machines they used at the clinic. With a quick google search, I discovered that the portable device uses something called the Intense Pulse Light, in short IPL.

How IPL works

IPL emits a wavelength onto your skin, which is absorbed by the pigment which is your hair . This turns into heat, which destroys the growing cells that make or grow hair. This then puts the follicles into a resting state, which gradually declines hair growth.

With the technology out there nowadays, it didn't seem that surprising an portable and affordable version for home laser hair removal option would be available to the public. In this case, it seems to be that it didn't actually use laser which is good because it isn't as intrusive to your skin. From what I researched the IPL technology is FDA approved for the public to use which is safe for your skin.

My Experience

With that in mind, I purchased a laser hair removal at home and tried it out for a a few months. I did not know what to expect, but to my surprise I notice a significant change in my hair regrowth within 1-2 sessions. My hair seemed somewhat thinner and less hair was growing back. I was definitely motivated and continued to use the device for the next 3 months. By then, I was down to shaving before each session which was bi-weekly. So, it went from shaving almost everyday to shaving only twice a month. This completely changed my life and I can't vouch for this product enough. I love it and it saved me a tremendous amount of time from shaving. 

 I began using it once a week as instructed and used while I watched my favorite TV series. It took about 10-15 for both of my legs and it didn't hurt at all since I used the lowest strength. The scale went from 1-5 and I was already on level 3 by the 3rd use. For me, I didn't need to go any higher than that since I was beginning to see results already from the lowest level. 

 I honestly think this IPL technology is amazing and the home device is extremely easy to use once you get the hang of it. The device has 5 different levels and even for someone as hair as I am, I began to see results from the lowest strength. If you or someone you know is looking for a hair removal solution, then I would highly recommend using the IPL hair removal. I tried waxing before and it was not fun at all. I never tried the laser clinics due to its high costs, so the only option was to try the best at home laser hair removal and I definitely love it.