How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Really Cost?

With summer coming to a close, sundresses and shorts may be out, but the hair-free look is in year-round! Smooth, hairless skin is about more than just looks; it’s also about comfort and personal confidence. That’s a big reason why many people are choosing to remove hair from any and all parts of their body, whether the autumn attire will leave that skin exposed or not.

Anyone who has tried both the natural route and the hair-free route can tell you how annoying it often is to deal with stubble or long hair instead of smooth skin. Unfortunately, some methods of hair removal are just as inconvenient as the hair itself. Methods like shaving and waxing require a lot of time and effort, and the results they give are far from perfect. Depending on the rate of growth of your hair, shaving may only last a day or two before you have noticeable stubble. Waxing can irritate your skin and leave you even more uncomfortable than you were with excess hair. Fortunately for those of us who prefer to be hair-free, these are no longer the only options.

Modern Hair Removal
One of the more recent developments in hair removal technology is laser hair removal. The process was first tested in the 1960’s, but it didn’t become available for commercial use for about thirty years. It made huge waves when it was finally released, and today it remains a very popular method.

Unlike traditional methods of hair removal, laser hair removal is a long-term solution. It is not necessarily permanent (although for some people, the results can be permanent), but it does allow you to go months or even years without having to worry about hair removal at all.

A similar method to laser hair removal, invented and marketed around the same time, is intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal. The two methods are similar in many ways, and they certainly have more in common with each other than they do with traditional methods, but they are still distinct treatments with important differences. Let’s take a minute to discuss those differences, and then get into the cost of each type of treatment.

Laser vs IPL Hair Removal
Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal cost are both treatments that use light as the primary means for removing hair. The most significant difference is in the type of light used and the way the device used for the treatment works.

In laser hair removal, a single-spectrum wavelength of light is used to target a specific pigment. When done properly, this target pigment matches the hair follicles in the skin, so the light used in the laser hair removal treatment damages the hair and prevents further growth.

In IPL hair removal, a multi-spectrum wavelength of light is used to target a range of different pigments. Just like in laser hair removal, this light is used to damage the hair follicles in order to stop the hair from growing.

The Cost of Laser vs IPL Hair Removal
Because the laser hair removal and IPL hair removal processes are similar, with the main difference being in the type of light used, they should cost about the same amount when the other factors are the same, and the range of prices for the two is about the same.

Just like any beauty treatment, the cost of laser or IPL hair removal will depend on a lot of factors. First of all, the location will affect the cost of the treatment. Some cities or counties have higher prices in general than others, and larger or more famous clinics will also have higher prices than smaller businesses. So, a well-known clinic in a big city will probably charge a lot more for laser or IPL hair removal than a small business in a small suburb or town.

The laser hair removal cost session will also depend on the amount of time it takes and the size of the treated area, which are inherently related. A large area like the legs or back will take longer and be more expensive to treat than a small area like the face or underarms.

A full round of treatments, which is generally intended to stop the growth of all hair follicles in the treated area for a long period of time, tends to cost somewhere between $700-$1200. This is much higher than other types of beauty treatments that use laser or intense pulsed light, like scar treatments.

Most clinics which offer laser or IPL hair removal provide free consultations before you book your treatment, so that you can get a better idea of what the sessions will entail and exactly how much they will cost. Take advantage of the free consultation to figure out what the cost will be for your personalized treatment.

At-Home Laser Treatment
You may have heard about or seen devices for laser or IPL hair removal that you can use yourself, in your own home. These devices are certainly more affordable and more convenient than in-clinic hair removal treatment, but there is a tradeoff: at-home devices are less powerful and may take longer to achieve the results you want, and some devices marketed as “home laser hair removal” devices are not truly safe to use.

If you decide that you’d rather use laser hair removal at home than pay for expensive clinic sessions, just make sure to buy the hair removal device from a brand you trust and follow the safety precautions carefully.

Laser and IPL hair removal are some of the best options currently available for hair removal, as they provide long-lasting results with minimal side effects. The cost and length of the treatments will depend on the clinic you go to, the professional you are treated by, and the area being treated, but you can expect to pay around $1000. If you’d rather use a cheaper and more private option, you can purchase a home laser hair removal device, but take care to buy a safe product from a reputable maker.