Bikini Vs Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

It is always difficult to decide whether to go for Brazilian laser hair removal or bikini hair removal. The question of which method is better comes up especially often during swimsuit season, when you want to look flawless and know about the unreliability of razors and prefer avoiding the hassles at any cost. The use of razors can cause cuts and skin irritation, so you may prefer another method to keep your skin happy. But before going into these details, let's learn in brief about the bikini line, Brazilian hair removal, and bikini hair removal in detail.

What is a bikini line?

The area of the skin next to the bikini bottom is called the bikini line. It varies from woman to woman and is often considered the area outside the panty line and the starting line for hair removal.


What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

It is a system of pubic hair removal, named after its origin in Brazil, involving hair removal by laser treatment. It aims at hair removal from the labia and perineal areas, and available in different variations like Full Brazilian, Striped Brazilian, or customized Brazilian, depending on the amount of hair you want removed.

What is bikini hair removal?

It is another system of pubic hair removal, different from Brazilian hair removal in terms of areas covered by the laser as well as the intensity of laser light applied.

Brazilian and bikini hair removal, though both extremely popular, vary from each other in terms of areas covered, cost, amount of laser emitted, and level of discomfort during the procedure. Let's discuss some of the ways in which these two bikini line laser treatments vary from each other.

1) Maintenance
Brazilian hair removal uses strong laser rays to completely remove pubic hair, while the bikini laser hair removal method targets only some parts of the pubic region and leaves out the rest. That is why the Brazilian method requires less maintenance than the Bikini one, which needs to be repeated more frequently for best results.

2) Objective
The Brazilian method of hair removal is done with the objective of eliminating hair from the pubic region for at least two years. Bikini laser hair removal is a method of temporarily removing hair from the bikini region for beachwear or for a clean bikini line; either way, the goal is achieving a clean bikini line, but the Brazilian method is effective for a longer time.

3) Cost
Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal cost around the same amount, with bikini hair removal costing between $350-$500 and Brazilian hair removal costing between $600- $700 (about $150 per session). Brazilian treatment costs more because it covers a greater area and uses more sophisticated laser technolog. It is to be noted that the price may vary along with the customization requirements as well.

4)Time Taken
The time taken by both Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal is approximately 20-40 minutes, with around 6-12 sessions being required at an interval of a few weeks to ensure completion of the process. It is to be noted that body types and hair growth rates differ from person to person, and these factors affect the time taken and number of sessions required.

5) Discomfort or Pain
The laser hair removal works by laser emissions on the hair follicles, which causes some minor discomfort or pain during the procedure, considering the sensitive areas around which it is applied. The discomfort can be reduced to some extent with the use of numbing creams, although the amount of pain depends on the skin and hair type of the person.

6) Side Effects
Temporary side effects like mild redness and crusting, with a change of pigmentation in the treated area, are common and fade in a week or two. There are no lasting side effects to Brazilian or bikini laser treatment, and provided precautions are taken, like avoiding tanning, sun exposure, and artificial tanning 3-4 weeks before and after the laser, the temporary side effects tend to subside really quickly and painlessly.
Let's answer some commonly asked questions about Brazilian laser and bikini hair removal.

Q) How is Brazilian laser different from the IPL hair removal process?
Brazilian laser is specifically meant for the bikini area for removing pubic hair and the bikini region, but IPL hair removal can be used in restricted areas near the pubic region and comfortably in the rest of the body.

Q) Are there any sessions required for Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal?
Generally, 4-8 sessions are required for Brazilian and bikini laser treatment to be completely effective, with 80% of the results seen after the 6th sessions. The requirement of the sessions may depend on the body type of the individual and the hair quality; rough, coarse hair needs more sessions than thinner hair

Q) Are there any ineligibility criteria for Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal?
People with skin infections and skin allergies are not eligible for either Brazilian or bikini hair removal due to the risk of aggravating their skin conditions. Additionally, pregnant and nursing women are not eligible for either Brazilian or bikini laser treatment because of the risk to the fetus during pregnancy and the nursing baby after birth.