Does Hair Grow Back After IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal

There are some reasons for which you may see hairs again on your body even after going through an IPL device. It could be due to hormonal changes or menopause or pregnancy or could be anything else. The fact is whatever speeds up your hair growth, can be stopped if you know the root cause for that. So, in this article, we are going to discuss all of them in a great detail. Ready for the same? Let’s dive in.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL, also dubbed as Intense Pulsed Light technology, is also a hair removal treatment similar to laser hair removal. However, the only striking difference between these two is the difference in the wavelength and source of light used during the process. While the laser removal method uses a single spectrum of light, IPL includes a range of light with multiple wavelengths. This arrangement makes IPL a lot lesser effective when compared to laser hair removal.

Is IPL Hair Removal results permanent?

Similar to other hair removal methods, the IPL Hair Removal also doesn’t have any permanent effects. Although most hair follicles are burned from their root during the process, the hair follicles can eventually grow back. However, their duration to grow back might take a more extended period, giving you the chance to enjoy a hairless skin for many months. Hence, it is not wrong to say that you can want a semi-permanent result when you opt for laser hair removal treatments.

Factors affecting Hair Growth Frequency after IPL Hair Removal

Hair-growth Cycles

The hair-growth cycle varies from one person to another. While some people may experience a late-blooming of their hair follicles, others might be troubled with stubbles every couple of days. As it takes typically 6-8 sessions for semi-permanent hair removal, it is a common fact that your hair might grow back. However, the growth is relatively sparse, and it decreases with each session. Similarly, even after completing the whole session, you may need occasional touch-ups.

Type of hormones produced

Our body continuously undergoes numerous biochemical reactions, almost thousands of times daily. Like the different hair-growth cycles we have, there is no constancy in the level of hormones produced by our pituitary gland and other vital organs. Due to certain factors, their production might go way-higher or much lower than it should be. Some of the essential hormones which may affect your hair-growth include estrogen, androgens, testosterone, DHEA, etc.

Skin Tone and Hair Color

You must have come across many articles by now that claim IPL hair removal to be the best for individuals with lighter skin tones and darker hair colors. Although it’s true, you can never control the growth of hair after the initial sessions. Moreover, if you have thick hair, then the frequency of hair growth is comparatively higher than others.


It is highly essential to follow the after-maintenance procedures of the treatment method strictly. So, after every session, you should use a mild sugar body scrubber to get rid of your body's remaining hair follicles and hair. But, if not followed thoroughly, your hair might grow back faster and rougher. Furthermore, the growth of these stubbles might be both painful and can cause skin damage due to itchy feeling.

We hope this article will help you find the answers you’ve been looking for. Always use the best branded hair removal kit to perform the removal at home safely without getting into unnecessary pain and troubles.