Hair removal at home made easy with laser

Facial hair in women has always been stigmatized in our society. For ages, women have been forced to get rid of facial hair as it was and still considered against femininity. But facial hair is entirely healthy for every human being. Some especially men have more obviously visible while others don't. However, it is true that many women now have the power of choice to either deal with it naturally or get a permanent solution to it. And this is where laser hair removal at home comes in. It is one of the most popular methods nowadays to get rid of facial hair, mainly because shaving, waxing, and threading are a bit time-consuming.


What is the importance of facial laser hair removal?

Using laser hair removal techniques to get rid of facial hair is entirely safe with the advancement of the method. Laser hair removal devices kill the hair follicle. As hair grows in cycles, the lasers are only capable of damaging the follicles in their active growth cycle stage. Hence, multiple sessions are required in a particular area within an interval of a few weeks to stop the regrowth process completely. However, it must be known that the laser hair removal process is not entirely permanent. The hair might even grow back after some years. But it is different for different people as per their body's mechanisms and hormonal balance. Some people might need more frequent touch-ups than others to keep the stray hairs from showing up again.

Having a laser hair procedure at a salon or clinic can be very expensive. It can cost up to a couple of hundred dollars per treatment. The number of treatments can be about half a dozen or more to get rid of every hair follicle. Thousands of dollars could be easily spent to get those legs hair-free for longer. Meanwhile, an at-home laser hair removal device of a reputed branded can quickly be brought for around 400- 500$, and it would work just as fine. There would be no hassle of keeping up with the salon appointments and also could be a better investment in the long run.

Pros and Cons of At- Home laser hair removal

There are two types of at-home laser hair removal devices found in the market. One uses the intense pulsed light, and the other uses an actual laser. Both types remove hair effectively but are far less potent than the ones used by the professionals. The reason being that professional-grade devices need license and training to be used. While the at-home ones can be easily used with the help of a few instructions, they will probably not give faster results like the professional-grade ones. They will also be difficult to treat large areas like legs and arms. They are incredibly convenient to use on smaller areas like the upper lips and sideburns. They are mostly purchased for the sake of facial hair removal. One of the most significant drawbacks of using a hair removal device at home is that they are more active on people with dark hair and light skin tone as the laser will be more concentrated on the pigmented areas of the hair follicles. People with light hair and light skin may not see the desired results while people with very dark skin run a risk of skin burning. Even if you have the right skin tone and hair, it is crucial to never use the at-home devices on some areas like- near the eyes, over pigmented areas or tattoos, moles and in the genital regions.

Hair removal at home is convenient and safe only if it’s used for the right purpose, safely and keeping the capacity of the device in min. They should be bought only after doing all the due research and from a brand that is well known to maintain the safety of their customers as their priority.