How much per Session of Laser Hair Removal Cost

Are you looking to sign up for a laser hair removal session? Then, you must have searched over the whole internet by now trying to find the cost of the laser hair removal sessions you would have to attend. Although you may find many articles describing the various advantages of choosing laser hair removal, only a few will let you know how much budget you should fix for the treatment. In this article, we have given a rough estimate of how much each session of a laser hair removal will cost, so be sure to read until the end.


Rough Estimate of Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

It is no wonder that the effectiveness of the rays depends upon various factors, such as hair density, volume, skin tone, skin texture, etc. So, for a complete hairless experience, one might have to opt for as little as four sessions and even a maximum of 7-10 sessions. While the rate of going through a full-body treatment might in some cities or towns charge a hefty amount of $3000, some may have a lower service charge of $1500-$2500.


How is it done?

Initially, your beautician will conduct various tests on your body to determine the most suitable wavelength of laser radiation for your skin tone. Afterward, let’s say a total of 4-5 sessions is decided for the whole procedure. In this case, when you first go through the process, if the overall charge is about $2500, you can see a considerable amount of reduction in the budget in consequent sessions. So, if you are paying $2500 for the first session, your second session might charge $2300, and your third and fourth might charge even less.


What is the reason behind this difference?

Now many may think this statement to be some sick joke, but it isn’t. When our skin comes in contact with the radiation, the heat forces the hair follicles to go into sleep for a prolonged time. Not only this, reports and studies have also shown that almost 30 percent of the hair follicles also get destroyed when they are subjected to the rays. Thus, with each session, you get an increased chance of damaged hair follicles while the beams are also able to do their job in a much lesser time than the first one.

So, if it took a total of 45 minutes in the first session to complete the treatment, your second session might take 41 minutes. This vast difference in hard work by your beauticians and limited exposure to the radiations is what makes the sessions budget-friendly. Moreover, you may also find your beautician say that your body is now better adjusted and requires much lesser warm-ups before each session.

Although the laser hair removal cost gradually declines with each session, many may feel the change after a much more extended period. Sometimes the hair growth frequency, hair density, previous skin allergies, or family history might also impose barriers on the working of the radiations. Other conditions like intake of powerful medications or drug and alcohol usage might also interfere in the normal functioning of the rays, thereby lengthening the course of result. Thus, the individual might be forced to take a few more sessions as compared to the average for their dream body. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of as you are not the only one who might be facing the issue. Always remember to be proud of yourself and learn to embrace your own body with its faults and imperfections. This will give you the confidence and zeal to live your life as you want.