How to prepare for a Brazilian laser hair removal session

Out of the numerous problems women have to go through, the most outraging ones are those stubborn body hairs. While they have their own set of advantages, not everyone wants their presence. So, women worldwide often prefer waxing, shaving, and even plucking out hairs from unwanted places.  However, with the increasing popularity of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, more and more women are inclining towards the treatment method. 

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

As the name suggests, this hair removal treatment is done using powerful laser rays that help get a hairless private area. No matter how long, curvy, or rough your pubic hair is, the rays can get rid of all those in a matter of few sessions. Compared to waxing or shaving, the laser method has better and more effective results. Many people often mistake the concept to be similar as in bikini laser treatment can be scary and painful. However, there are plenty of home laser devices that are less painful and capable of using at your private convenience. 

Types of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The hair removal method is of two types: a full and a partial Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.

Full Brazilian Treatment- If you opt for this laser hair removal method, you get a completely hair-free pubic area and buttocks. This is one of the most popular options by women worldwide, as it gives a completely smooth and silky feeling down there.
Partial/Half Brazilian Treatment- Unlikely, the full hair removal method, a small portion of the pubic hair is kept as per own requirements in this treatment type. You can choose to keep a short triangular-shaped pubic hair on your pubic area. In case you are a beginner, try starting with this method to adore the new change to your body.

Do I need to shave before the treatment?

Commonly, pubic hair is comparatively stronger, curlier, and even rougher against our other body hair. This is the reason why it hurts so much when you shave or wax in those sensitive areas. Similarly, when you use a home-use device especially suited for the treatment without shaving, there is a greater chance of overheating. This can lead to skin damage and painful skin burn.

Shaving or trimming down the pubic hair helps catalyze the process, thereby reducing the rays' duration of contact with your skin. When the hair is shorter, the rays can easily reach the hair follicles and do their work. However, before shaving or trimming, it is highly advised to use a warm cloth or let the area to soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes. This allows the hair to grow softer, making it lesser prone to cuts or scratches during shaving.

Things to do before shaving for the laser hair removal method

If you perform this procedure for the first time, be sure to properly follow each step for a comfortable, silky, smooth experience.

Let the hair grow

Shaving is only useful when all your pubic hair is in the full-growth stage. It is pretty easy to chop down those stubborn beasts in their fuller form rather than shaving it every weekend. Repeated contact with the blades might also cause skin injuries, with open risks for cuts, and bruises. A time gap of 4-6 weeks is considered okay for your pubic hair to grow out.

Lightly exfoliate the hair.

Exfoliation is a way to clear dirt, debris, or any other unwanted and harmful product from the pubic area. If you don't clean up regularly, there is a greater chance of you catching severe infections after or just before the treatment. The method also helps reduce the rough volume of the hair, making it easy to be shaved or trimmed. A light exfoliation of the targeted part is necessary before 3-4 days of the session.

Don't wax, epilate or pluck pubic hair.

As for waxing, epilation, or plucking involves forceful plucking of the pubic hairs, they are painful and come with swelling. When not done correctly, they might hurt the surrounding skin tissue, making it impossible to even touch the area without screaming. So, if you don't want your sensitive skin to become a nightmare, never go for these options before the Brazilian laser hair removal session.

Shave one day before the treatment

No matter what you do, it would still be impossible not to get a few cuts while clearing out the bikini area. The task becomes even more dainty when you go for the space between your bum cheeks. Hence, it is better to get shaved a day before the session. This will help your skin get healed in the meantime before subjecting them to the powerful rays.

Use a good shaving foam.

Using a scented shaving or cleaning product is like inviting skin damage out of the free will. Scented products contain harmful chemicals that react harshly with the rays, leaving you with worse results than expected. Another thing to keep in mind is to invest in a good-quality shaving product that is pH-balanced and is clear in colour. This will help you shave appropriately without leaving out fragments of hair here and there.

Clean the area with a cleansing wash

After shaving, it is vital to clean the area with a feminine foaming wash. It helps eliminate all left-over residue of dirt, hair, and shaving foam from your skin, making it ready for the next-day operation. You can use aloe vera after shaving for enhanced healing and cooling.

In case you have any other questions related to Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, feel free to share your concerns with us.