IPL hair removal vs. Laser hair removal

IPL hair removal vs. Laser hair removal

Although IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are both great options, there are a few key differences between the two. Whether you’ve tried both, only one, or none of these hair removal treatments, knowing the differences between each of them is necessary before you choose one to go forward with! 

Both IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are procedures that give long-lasting or permanent hair removal. Both of these treatments prevent hair from coming back and reduce the thickness of each hair follicle by targeting the root of the hair under the skin. Below are some more of the main differences between IPL and laser hair removal that you should take note of before choosing an option for you. 

What is IPL hair removal? 

Intense pulsed light hair removal is a light-based treatment that, unlike laser hair removal, does not utilize lasers. Instead, this treatment typically utilizes a flashbulb that emits energy onto and under the skin. Since the early 1990s, IPL hair removal treatments have gone under many tests and changes to ensure that they are both effective and safe. Now, IPL hair removal is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted body or facial hair! 

Although IPL is great for hair removal, IPL can be done to get rid of vascular or pigment lesions. As stated before, unlike laser treatments, IPL devices use non-laser high-intensity light sources, such as a flashbulb.

By using a very bright light bulb, also known as a high-output flashlamp, IPL devices produce a broad wavelength of noncoherent light. By directing this device toward the skin where unwanted hair is, the light will emit energy onto the skin’s surface. Then, this light energy will be absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hairs. This is why IPL hair removal works best on darker hairs. 

Once the melanin in the hair follicles absorb the light energy, the hair follicle will be destroyed and, over time, the hair follicles’ growth cycles will be stopped early on. Since the hair follicles are destroyed in their growth phase, also known as the anagen phase, they are now unable to produce more hair in the future. 

However, not every hair follicle will be in the anagen/growth phase while you are doing the IPL hair removal treatment. This is why it may take 5-6 different treatments to start seeing long-lasting or permanent results. 

What to expect 

Before doing IPL hair removal, it’s important to prepare yourself and know what to expect! When it comes to the effectiveness of IPL hair removal, your hair color and hair thickness are the two most important factors. Since IPL hair removal utilizes light energy, dark, thick hairs are the ones most likely to benefit from this treatment. Furthermore, those with dark, thick hair are more likely to see faster long-term results than those who have thin or light hair. This is because the melanin in your hair absorbs the light emitted from the flashbulb. The more melanin in your hair, the more effective the hair removal process will be. 

IPL is one of the most popular forms of hair removal today. In fact, there are many at-home IPL laser hair removal devices on the market to choose from! If you’re thinking about doing IPL laser hair removal at home, be sure to purchase from a safe and well-known brand like EXObeauty

EXObeauty is the most used brand for IPL devices that you can use at home! This handheld device works for those who want to remove their hair, get rid of blemishes, and reduce wrinkles at home. In fact, once you use the IPL device multiple times, the production of collagen in your skin will be sped up and you’ll be left with flawless, glowing skin. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal began in the early 1960s. Since then, it has skyrocketed in popularity and become more safe and effective! Similar to IPL devices, laser hair removal works to target unwanted hair and remove it. 

Although old laser hair removal devices used to be limited to a certain audience and quite painful, today’s modern laser hair treatments are great for almost anybody. More importantly, they are relatively painless!

One of the best parts about laser hair removal treatments is that they work on any part of the body besides the eyes. Whether you have back, facial, or arm hair that you want to remove, laser hair removal can help you target those areas with accuracy and precision. 

Laser hair removal works by utilizing medical-grade lasers that emit a wavelength of light. Since these lasers only emit one wavelength of light, they work well on targeted areas. Similar to IPL, this light is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair, resulting in the destruction of the hair follicle. Keep in mind that while the hair follicle is destroyed, the first layer of skin remains unharmed. 

After just one laser hair removal treatment you’re likely to see a great reduction in unwanted hair! However, since, similar to IPL, the effectiveness depends on the lifecycle of the hair follicle, it’s best to undergo a few treatments spaced out so that you can target all of the unwanted hairs and start seeing more long-term results after several sessions. 

Just like IPL, hair must be in the anagen/growth stage for laser hair removal to stop the growth cycle. This is why it’s best to do 4-6 sessions spaced out a few weeks apart. Then, you’ll start to see more permanent results! 

What to expect

This light-based treatment is one of the most effective ways to move unwanted hair. You can expect to feel little to no pain during these treatments, and, rest assured that laser hair removal will never damage your skin

You can expect to see long-term or permanent results after just 4-6 sessions that are spaced out a few weeks apart. However, each person’s results differ, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal

IPL and laser hair removal are quite similar to one another. Both of these treatments utilize light energy that destroys the hair follicles in the anagen phase. However, IPL and laser hair removal treatments do not use the same light source. 

IPL devices work by emitting intense pulsed wavelengths that then get absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Since they do not go past the second layer of skin, these wavelengths work best to remove the hair on those who have dark hair or thick hair. 


Although laser hair removal is easy and effective, it can become quite pricy. The average laser hair removal treatment at a salon is $285, making it well over $1,000 before you start to see long-lasting results. 

IPL handheld devices are a great way to save money and remove hair from the comfort of your own home. These devices are typically under $300 and you can use them as many times as you’d like. However, keep in mind that IPL treatments are not as precise or intense as laser hair removal treatments. This means that if you choose IPL over laser hair removal treatments, you may have to undergo more sessions to start seeing permanent results. 


Intense Pulsed Light is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to remove unwanted hair at home. These IPL handheld devices utilize light therapy that scatters various wavelengths throughout the skin. Then, the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the light and the hair follicle is destroyed. The best part: your skin isn’t harmed during the process! 

Handheld devices make hair removal at home easier than ever. You can also use this IPL device to remove unwanted blemishes and wrinkles! 

Furthermore, the IPL handheld device is safe for all skin types and has over ten years of flashes, unlike other devices that are safe for only those with lighter skin or only work for a few sessions. This device is also easy to use and gentle, making it a great option for those who have unwanted hair on the body or face. 

If you’ve been searching for a laser hair removal alternative that you can do at home, EXObeauty is a great option for you! By using this IPL device at home, you’ll be able to remove unwanted hair and improve the appearance of your skin after just a few uses.