Should You Get Brazilian Laser Hair Removal During Your Period?

Periods are undoubtedly one of the most painful moments of every woman’s life. Arriving each month with all those nasty cramps and heavy flow, you might feel like doing nothing except lying on the bed all along. However, the most irritating moment is when the flow gets stuck in the pubic hair. Pretty gross, right? To avoid such instances, it's better to stay all cleaned up before the biological time hits, but it may not always be possible.

In this regard, Brazilian laser hair removal comes as one of the best permanent solutions for such a problem. But is it safe enough during periods? To arrive at a solid conclusion, let's have a basic understanding of the process. 


What happens during Brazilian laser hair removal?

Unlike bikini treatments, the procedure involves the complete removal of pubic hair from the pelvic region. The treatment is done by blasting fine light rays on the area. These rays are chosen based on the specific skin texture and color to ensure their efficient removal. For this, you will need to go through a series of tests so that there is no after-effect to the laser rays. While individuals can also choose to keep a small amount of hair, the process is often preferred to get a complete hair-free experience.

Upon contact, the laser rays penetrate deep into the skin layers, destroying the hair follicles' normal growth. This stunted growth results in making the outward visible hair eventually fall out. Thus, you end up with beautiful, depilated skin for a considerably long time. However, for the best results, it is advisable to seek the treatments regularly.

Once you go through the procedure, follow up with the doctor once every week to keep your skin under check. You can also go for a monthly follow-up as well.


Should I get my hair removed during periods?

Scientifically speaking, there are no adverse effects to going under the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal method during your biological time. So, yes, you can definitely choose the hair removal procedure at any point in time. The rays consist of medically, safe rays that are personalized to be skin-friendly. But, the only thing that might be a hindrance is the flow and the severity of pain. It is no rocket science that every woman has a different pain-bearing capacity and menstrual flow. So, based upon these factors, you should consult with a professional beautician as well as a doctor before undergoing the procedure. They will advise you with the best solutions to reduce the pain resulting from all of those hair burns and make sure there is no severe reaction to it.

Similarly, if you are one of the heavy bleeders, it is best preferred to postpone the treatment to a few days ahead. By the time the bleeding is normal, you can then initiate the method without any fear of leakage.

Now that all your doubts are cleared, let’s know what precautions you need to follow for your skin's safety. 


As mentioned above, the best way to get yourself treated during the menstrual cycle is to seek a professional's help. Likewise, other additional steps are essential for the process.

  1. Use a heavy-use tampon- With pads being out of the question, you will have to invest in the best quality and highly durable tampons. The tampons will help keep the bleeding at bay so that you can have a mess-free hair removal session.
  2. Call out when uncomfortable- Thanks to the heightened sensitivity in the pelvic area, the lasers may feel to be a bit more painful than regular. But, if the pain seems unbearable, intimate your beautician at the exact moment. Whilst they might not take the whole pain away, they can do some minor changes to the ray settings.
  3. Never use deodorants or moisturizers before the treatment- Deodorants and moisturizers come packed with chemicals, and using them before the treatment is a big no-no. Although the laser rays are safe, the chemicals might end up causing aggressive reactions. Hence, it is better to keep the area away from such products for 24 hours for the best results.
  4. Take medications only when advised- Some gynecologists may also advise taking a pain-killer to have lesser pain. But, this should be done only when your doctor green flags you to do so. You may also need to go through a thorough examination to make sure nothing goes out of place.


Hair removal during periods is a normal issue that many women ask for, and it is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about. You will be amazed to know that thousands of articles are being uploaded regularly concerning the topic on the Internet. It includes the exact same steps but just a tad more pain due to the increased sensitivity and hormones. So, finally, everything depends on you. Don't forget to take referrals from your friends or relatives by asking them about their experience. In case you need to go for Brazilian home laser hair removal, buy a good device and get the job done. Just make sure you have purchased the device from a reputed seller and use it according to the instructions as advised by the makers.