The Laser Hair Removal Cost - Is it worth it?

The cost of laser hair removal treatment used to be pretty high compared to what it is now. The price has drastically lowered within the last few years because of the treatment's growing popularity, competition between treatment clinics, and the readily available advanced technology. However, for many of us, it feels like a full treatment plan would cost our entire salary. With that said, many people consider the laser hair removal cost an investment rather than an indulgence. It has become a part of the mainstream culture to have all unwanted hair removed, and laser hair removal has been a pioneer in the field.

Things to Know Before Investing in Laser Hair Removal

The laser works by focusing concentrated light on the hair follicles, so you are likely to feel the effects of the heat. It's typically more like pin pricks than true burning or pain. However, some practitioners blast the area with cold air during treatment or add numbing gel beforehand to prevent any uncomfortable sensation. There may be slight redness and soreness in the treated area after a session, which should vanish after a few days. You will start to notice results after two or three weeks, but it’s only after eight to twelve treatments that you get the final results.

It's a pretty quick procedure, and for facial hair it can take under thirty minutes. Larger areas can be done within an hour or two. However, for better results, the hair on the area should be trimmed or shave first, or the laser may react with the hair on the surface and irritate your skin.

There should be absolutely no makeup or artificial tanning products on the skin. The skin needs be perfectly clean before the procedure starts. Technicians even advise avoiding sunbathing or sun tanning for a few weeks before and after the treatment. The combination of sun damage and laser treatment can cause serious harm to the skin.

Every body is different, so the effects of laser hair removal will be different for everyone. Some might experience an immediate stop to hair growth while others experience more hair growth in certain areas. It's always best to consult with the dermatologist or technician involved before committing to the procedure.

Just like natural and artificial tans, makeup and skincare products should not be used for some amount of time before and after treatment. Skincare products with glycolic acids and retinol, as well as scrubs and chemical peels, should be avoided in order to prevent skin damage.

Unlike other hair removal techniques, like threading, waxing, and use of epilators, laser hair removal is not significantly irritating to the skin. In addition to making skin smooth and hair-free, it also offers benefits like the reduction of ingrown hairs. The laser hair removal best works on lighter skin with dark hair. The laser is more attracted to darker pigments, so with light skin and dark hair, it is most attracted to the hair follicles. However, NDYAG lasers can be effective for treating people with a darker skin tone as well.

Avoid any rigorous activity after getting the treatment, as the skin needs a downtime of at least twenty-four hours after the procedure. Skip your run or trip to the gym on the day of treatment.

The laser hair removal cost might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who have tried it, it has been gratifying. Laser treatment is a one-stop investment for all your unwanted hair issues.