Laser Hair Removal Cost - Is it worth it?

The cost of laser hair removal treatment in the days of yore was pretty high in comparison to what we have now. The price has drastically lowered within the last few years because of its growing popularity, competition between various salons to drive in more customers and the readily available advanced technology. However, for many of us, the cost of a full treatment plan will probably be equivalent to our entire salary. Having said that many people had accepted the laser hair removal cost as an investment rather than an indulgence. It has become a part of the culture it seems to have all unwanted hair removed from the body and laser hair removal has become a pioneer in that.

Things to know before investing in laser hair removal

The laser works by sending the light signals to the hair follicles, so it’s bound to hurt a bit. Not a searing pain but more like a needle prick. However, some laser therapies have cold air blasting simultaneously or add numbing gel on the area to be treated. There can be slight redness and soreness in the treated area, which will vanish after a few days. It will take approximately two to three weeks to see any definite results. It’s only after eight to twelve treatments that the full results can be achieved.

It's a pretty quick procedure the facial hair can take hardly about thirty minutes. The larger areas can be done within an hour or two. However, for better results, the hair on the area has to be trimmed or shaved. Otherwise, the laser can react with the hair on the surface and irritate, or you can experience a burnt hair smell.

There should be absolutely no product makeup or artificial tanning products on the skin. The skin to be treated has to be perfectly clean before the procedure starts. The technicians even advise avoiding sunbathing or sun tanning a few weeks before and after the treatment. As the skin will already be experiencing some burning sensation due to the laser, more sun exposure will eventually lead to more skin damage.

Everybody's body is different so that laser hair removal treatment will react differently for everyone. Some might experience immediate results of complete hairlessness while some might experience more hair growth has been triggered in certain areas. Hence, it’s better to consult with the dermatologist or technician involved in the aftermaths before committing to it completely.

Just like fake tan has to be avoided, the same way specific makeup and skincare products have to be avoided as well. Skincare products with glycolic acids and retinol have to be avoided at all costs as the skin will be in delicate condition after the procedures. Similarly, scrubs and chemical peels have to be avoided as well.

Unlike other hair removal techniques like threading, waxing, and use of epilators, laser hair removal is less irritating on the skin. Apart from giving a smooth and hair-free surface for a long time, it also includes benefits like reduction of ingrown hairs. The laser hair removal best works for lighter skin tone people having dark hair. The light beam gets better attracted to darker pigments and as the skin tone will be lighter so the laser will only be focused on the dark hair follicle. However, NDYAG lasers are perfect for treating people with a darker skin tone as well.

Avoid any rigorous activity after getting the treatment like going for a run, gym, hot showers and saunas. The skin needs a downtime of at least twenty-four hours after the procedure.

The laser hair removal cost might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who have tried it, it has been gratifying. Imagine all the money spent on salon appointments and buying razors and other hair removal instruments. The laser is a one-stop investment for all your unwanted hair issues.