Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal at Home

By now, you must be aware of a number of available hair removal options. You are probably also aware of how painful and time consuming some of them can be. Shaving is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair, but you will notice the hair growing back within a few days. Depilatory creams melt the hair in minutes, but they contain harsh chemicals and can cause infections or burns, and they smell horrible. Sugaring and waxing might give you longer-term relief, but the pain as the hair is ripped off from its root can be unbearable. There is also a chance of ingrown hairs or itching. This is why many people have been turned to laser hair removal, which is a semi-permanent hair removal option. Nowadays, with several user-friendly devices available, laser hair removal at home has become accessible as well.

Pros of Laser Hair Removal at Home
Laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of hair permanently, but it reduces the hair growth drastically to the extent that it’s almost negligible. You won’t notice any hair growth unless you see it minutely. This means you can finally stop shaving your legs every other day.

Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body. With an at-home device, you can easily use the laser treatment on your legs, arms, underarms, thighs, etc. These devices are easy to use and manufactured to be safe. As long as you read the instructions carefully, you are good to go.

The device might be expensive, but it's a one-time investment with long term benefits. With other hair removal techniques, you are indefinitely spending some amount each month. If that is compounded yearly, you would probably surpass the original cost of the laser device many times over. So for better finances and convenience, you should consider investing in an at-home laser device.

It is not as painful as waxing or threading. Some patients have noticed a slight tingling sensation when the area is being treated, but it’s nothing major. The treatment becomes progressively less painful as the hair becomes finer. This is by far the most effective and overall best option for hair removal at home.

Cons of Laser Hair Removal at Home

It takes a long time to treat larger areas. As the device can only treat a few centimeters of skin at a time, you have to use it for at least an hour to treat one leg. You also have to take several precautions before using the device to avoid burning or skin damage.

The laser treatment works best on light skin with dark hair. The melanin of the dark hair will attract the laser better to damage the follicles. People with dark skin or light hair may not be able to see the same results.

You will probably not see results immediately. You might have to wait for a few weeks to notice any changes, as the hair follicles take time to die and naturally fall off. It is also not a single use procedure. You have to use it for several sessions at a gap of a few weeks to see how your skin is reacting and treat every hair. Unlike other methods of hair removal, you won’t get smooth skin at once.
If you are someone new to  home laser hair removal, then you should first do your research thoroughly. It's a big commitment in terms of cost as well as your skin's health. Although the at-home devices are not as powerful as the salon-grade ones, you still have to be careful while using them. Investing in a good brand is always better than finding a good deal when you have decided to buy one for yourself.