Things to Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Is the cost of laser hair removal worth it?

Are you tired of going through constant appointments of painful plucking, shaving, and waxing? If so, then laser hair removal may seem like the solution to all your problems. The technology uses specially designed laser rays to target areas of skin that you'd like to be hair-free. Although this technique is nearly painless, cost of laser hair removal cost varies significantly from clinic to clinic. There are some important things to consider before deciding on laser hair removal.
Let's talk about the main points you need to know.

Understanding the Types of Laser Hair Removal

Generally, the lasers used in hair removal treatment are categorized into three types, and the type used will depend on the color and texture of your skin. For both light and dark skin, the diode laser typically proves more useful than the other two. The alexandrite laser is best used on light-to-olive complexions and larger areas of skin. It's also faster than the other types. However, if you have tanned skin, then it's best to go for the Nd:YAG: laser.

Regrowth of Hair is Possible During Treatment

Laser hair removal is a lengthy process, and it's normal for some regrowth to occur throughout it. This often happens if your hair is very dark, very thick, or simply very stubborn. It may also occur as a result of hormonal changes or new activation of previously dormant bulbs, which are both considered normal. If this happens in the course of your treatment, it's best to discuss with your doctor or technician so that the remaining hair can be removed.

Avoid Certain Medications During the Process

Similar to waxing appointments, laser hair appointments may require that you refrain from taking certain medications during the treatment process. Typically, this applies to medications that can cause photosensitivity or skincare items that include potent active ingredients like alfa hydroxy acids and retinoids, which can hamper the normal process. It is always advised to consult with your doctor or a professional technician before you continue with the process, as withholding relevant information can inadvertently lead to skin damage during treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Requires 6-8 Treatments

Despite what you see in commercials, laser hair removal treatment isn't magic. It takes multiple sessions for the results to be visible, and it can vary significantly between individuals, since every body is different. The technology works best when the hair is in its growth stage, so your doctor may advise frequent visits until the treatment is complete. People often stop as soon as they see results, which prevents the process from being completed fully and leads to unwanted regrowth.

How can you find the best laser hair removal company?

The laser hair removal cost can be expensive, so it's important to find a treatment that fits within your budget. Making a list of your specific personal needs can help you find a company that is able to provide you with the best services. This list may include the areas you want treated and the type of laser that should be used, which can be advised by your doctor.

With so many companies offering the help of laser hair removal to achieve smooth skin, understanding the various facts and myths related to the technique can help you find the best treatment.