Top 10 Benefits of At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Getting rid of facial or body hair is one thing, but keeping it gone is another. Often, people that shave have to do it multiple times a week, stocking up on new shaving creams, lotions, and razors more than they should have to. Furthermore, shaving your body can cause painful razor bumps or cuts on the skin. Even worse, shaving is horribly limited. Often it’s not easy to give yourself a bikini wax, and it’s not recommended to use razors on your face. Luckily, our at-home laser hair removal device is here to solve all of these problems! 

Once our customers started using our IPL (intense pulsed light) device, they realized that they were saving money, removing hair faster than ever, and rejuvenating their skin. That being said, many people are hesitant to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology. After all, you may be wondering: 

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Is laser hair removal safe?

When will I start seeing results from laser hair removal?

What is laser hair removal?

Our at-home laser hair removal IPL device emits light energy that is then absorbed by the melanin in your hair. Then, this light energy turns into heat and gets rid of your pesky hair cells quickly and painlessly!

Our laser hair removal device can be used to remove hair on your arms, legs, back, face, or for a Brazilian at home! Below are ten more benefits of using our laser hair removal device!

  1. Little to no pain!

Our IPL technology treats your skin with light therapy that is safe and gentle on the skin. In fact, our technology has been recently improved to go all the way down to the second layer of your skin without harming the first. You’ll feel little to no pain, unlike you would at a typical laser session, while our IPL device nourishes and improves the look of your skin!

  1. No side effects!

Since IPL was first used in 1995, many skin and laser hair removal experts have improved the effectiveness and usage of this light therapy. Our laser hair removal device offers the safest, most modern form of IPL that has been proven, by scientists, to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless without all of the unwanted side effects. Check out this article to learn more about how to prepare for your first at-home laser hair removal! 

  1. Cost-effective!

Think of our at-home laser hair removal device as a one-time investment in yourself. Once you purchase our machine, you won’t need to…

  • Pay for laser hair removal at a clinic 
  • Pay for extra products to keep your device working 
  • Pay for shaving cream or razors 
  • Pay for waxes at a studio 

While the average cost for just one laser hair removal session at a clinic is $285, our devices are less than that, making it a worthy investment that produces long-term results. 

Bottom line: just like any investment, you’ll save money in the long run. After just about 5 sessions, you’ll start seeing significant results in the look of your skin. Not only will your hair be gone, but so will your scars and pesky pigmentations! 

  1. Takes just a few minutes! 

Unlike most razors, our at-home device takes just a few minutes since all areas can be treated at once. Once the machine starts working its light therapy magic, it goes under the skin to remove hair effectively and quickly by stopping your hair cycle. 

  1. Little prep needed!

Before your at-home IPL treatment, it’s best to be freshly cleaned without any lotions or tanners on your skin. Unlike shaving, our at-home laser hair removal device is designed flexibly just for you and is easy to use around a busy schedule! 

Unlike waxing, you don’t need to have any hair on your skin's surface before using our device since light therapy does the job under the skin! This means that you won’t have to wait for your hair to regrow between treatments, and you can start seeing results after just 3 uses!

  1. Rejuvenates your skin!

Our device can be used for hair removal and skin improvement. Our IPL treatment is designed to remove unwanted hair, get rid of blemishes, and stimulate collagen to keep your skin looking flawless even after each use. 

  1. No razor bumps!

Since our IPL treatment targets the root of the hair follicle, it won’t cause annoying razor bumps on the surface of your skin. 

  1. Rejuvenates your skin!

Our two five-star-rated beauty products: our home laser hair removal device and facial cleansing brush, complement each other to give you a routine that cleans and nourishes the skin all at once. Great for taking your beauty routine on the go, our portable facial cleansing brush uses cutting-edge, ultrasonic vibration technology that removes makeup and cleans clogged pores 6x better than traditional cleansers. By using this product for just 60 seconds, you can prevent breakouts and blackheads from coming back. This 3-mode, exfoliating cleansing brush can nourish your soft skin and keep the anti-aging properties alive, even after your one-minute usage time is over. Furthermore, by using our at-home laser hair removal device that’s safe for the face, you’ll be able to remove pesky facial hair and keep your skin smooth and flawless.

  1. Gets rid of ingrown hairs!

...and prevents future ones from coming in! After just a few uses, our device will work its magic under your skin and inhibit the growth of future hair follicles from coming in. 

  1. Long-lasting effects! 

Although everyone has a different experience with hair removal, you’ll likely need 6-12 treatments before seeing completely hair-free skin. However, before those long-term results are achieved, you’ll be able to enjoy your lightened and reduced unwanted hair!


If you’re still hesitant about doing laser hair removal at home, we’ve got your back. Take a look at what our customers have to say about our product and the best ways to prepare for your first time using it!