Top Four Tips for Facial Laser Hair Removal at Home

If you are an avid user of facial hair removal, this list is for you! The internet is full of conflicting advice when it comes to choosing the best hair removal practices, and it's easy to find yourself experiencing information overload. Not all methods will provide the same results, so let's dive right in and see what the best home laser hair removal practices are


Tip No. 1: Choose Your Device Wisely


If you are going to use any device intended for facial laser hair removal for women, make sure it is powerful enough to be effective at removing hair in the area you'll be treating. It should feature an LED display that allows you to control treatment and energy settings. You may not need to be a professional to use it, but you should be familiar and comfortable with operating it. If used properly, such devices can be very useful in getting rid of baby hairs quickly.


Tip No. 2: Find an FDA-Approved Kit


FDA regulation allows you to relax with the knowledge that your device is safe to use. However, it's suggested to wait one month for visible results. These devices can also be used in other areas, including legs, arms, etc.


Tip No. 3: Look for Reviews


Before buying a kit from any company, check out their product reviews online. Quality hair removal kits may cost little more than others, but you will get better results than with a cheap device. However, it's important to watch out for a high number of unusually glowing reviews; this can be a red flag that reviews were bought by the seller. The surest bet is to get a personal recommendation from someone you know.


Tip No. 4: Don’t Experiment Carelessly

As said earlier, you will see many self-proclaimed experts throwing around laser hair removal tips online. Though their “quick laser hair removal tips” may seem appealing, many of these "experts" make unfounded claims. That's why, even though it's important to do your own research, you should always consult a professional throughout the process as well.

Here are few more Do’s and Don'ts related to Laser Hair Removal that you should know:

  • Always look for FDA-certified laser hair removal devices.
  • Read the manual clearly before using the kit/device.
  • Test it on a sample area before treating your face.
  • Follow the schedule advised strictly.
  • Avoid bleaching products and other harmful chemicals for a minimum of 48 hours.
  • Use only a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin after facial hair removal for women.
  • Consult with a skincare specialist immediately in case of swelling, redness, itching, or rashes.
  • Follow all post-treatment instructions carefully.
  • Avoid hot baths, steam, showers, saunas, and swimming in chlorinated water.
  • Refrain from using hairspray, as it may get onto your face and cause severe reactions.

There's no doubt that using facial hair removal kits at home is convenient and comfortable, but if you want to see results without compromising your safety, it's always best to consult and expert first.


Going for facial laser hair removal? Make sure to read these 4 tips to avoid the chances of facing odd scenarios.