Top 5 Hair Laser Removal Before and After Myths Busted

You must have heard horrible hair laser removal before and after stories. Negative information saying that it is painful and never yields the desired results. Sometimes, clinics force people to believe there is no reason to use home laser hair removal devices. Before you believe these rumors, le'ts clear the air. We'll start with the most popular myth.

Top Five Hair Laser Removal Before and After Myths

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal is painful

This myth is way far from the truth. Laser hair removal might be discomforting at the most, but most women do not define it as painful. Especially with the advent of the IPL home kits, laser hair removal has become particularly pain-free and safe. EXO Beauty’s IPL device is one of those devices which is extra gentle in your skin and is safe to use on intimate areas.

Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal gives instant results

This is one of the biggest hair laser removal before and after myths that is circling around the health communities lately. While Laser Hair Removal gives lasting results, it is unfair to expect immediate results. While a normal laser removal will take up to 5-6 sessions to finally achieve the desired results, EXO Beauty’s IPL device will deliver the same results 2-3 sessions. Apart from that, it guarantees a lifespan of 20 years and provides up to 400,000 flashes.

Myth 3: I don’t need to shave before and after

It is true that you don't need to shave after a laser hair removal, but before a removal session, it is of utmost importance that you shave the area where you want the flashes. Shaving helps the laser to reach the follicles and easily get rid of the hair. However, waxing, threading or epilating is a big no before and after laser hair removal.

Myth 4: Laser Hair Removal works on all skin and hair colours

Unfortunately, this is only a myth. For laser removal to work, the hair should have some level of pigmentation. For light blonde and brown hair colours, you will have to do an alkaline wash to deposit some darker pigment on the hair before removal. Laser hair removal targets the melanin present in our hair and skin. Now if there’s excess melanin on your skin, that is, if you have darker skin tone, laser hair removal might not be the best option for you. This also goes for skin religious that are more pigmented than the rest of your body. Pigmented skin tends to absorb more light which in turn can injure the patch of skin. But due to cutting edge technology, lasers such as the EXO Beauty IPL device can help prevent against any potential skin damage.
However, it is wise to consult an expert to understand your suitability for a laser hair removal session.

Myth 5: Laser Hair Removal is expensive

Although this myth holds some truth in it, it is not completely true. While going to the clinic every month for a hair removal session, the at-home hair removal devices come as an affordable alternative. EXO Beauty’s Laser Hair Removal device costs only a fraction of the clinic or salon sessions. Using clinical-grade IPL technology which was previously only available to professionals, this device is dermatologically tested and approved. Although the initial cost might seem a little expensive, the IPL device goes a long way providing up to 400,000 flashes for about 20 years.

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