Top 5 Features of Home Laser Hair Removal Devices That You Need in 2021

Visiting a professional dermatologist or beautician for hair removal services is a thing of the past. Nowadays, it is both comfortable and convenient to zap away all those unwanted hairs from the comfort of your home. Get a home laser hair removal device and welcome a soft, smooth, hair-free skin. They come with specified guidelines with a step-by-step usage process for their easy maneuvering.

Who can use home laser hair devices?

Unless you are a minor or, have hand coordination issues, using a home laser hair device is no rocket science. They come with various switches making it seamless to use for every location and hair type. However, some advanced ones might need prior practice or another person to keep a close watch. Such cases happen in laser handsets that require a direct power supply for its operation.

Thus, it is highly essential to choose an IPL handset you can confidently use without help. You can do so by checking the product description or reviews. Many review websites also help you compare the home laser hair handset with a few clicks. Getting a reference from friends or even through your beautician is highly beneficial.

Top Features of Home Laser Hair Removal devices for 2021

Broader Varieties

During professional hair removal treatments, your beautician would only use a single type of laser. However, with the home IPL, you can either choose the laser treatment or the IPL procedure. You can pick up anyone based upon your target area and the result you are looking for.

Best for Amateurs

While home laser devices are indeed conventional, their ray intensity is comparatively weaker to professional ones. Hence, you don't need to worry every time you are using the machine. The rays are easily adjustable through power setting and do not lead to skin injuries or burns when not done correctly. However, when used haphazardly, your skin is bound to get affected due to the heated rays.

Instant Touchups

Keeping an at-home IPL is the best solution to date evenings or parties when looking for a quick makeover. Generally, they heat up within 2-5 minutes, giving you ample time to get rid of all those pesky hairs. The small size is also advantageous when removing hair from not-so-easy areas like underarms, bikini line, or even facial hair. Similarly, if you are always outside, you can always put one of these inside your purse or bag and get a hairless skin anytime.

Automatically Turns-off

Many cosmetic companies are also upgrading their home laser machines with the autoblock feature and an automatic timer. This feature helps shutdown the device or reduce the intensity of the ray when it goes off-limits. When not in use, the machine would turn off automatically preventing any mishaps. You can also set the timer, which helps save both energy and battery.

AI recognition

With Artificial Intelligence's advancement, now many reputed home laser handset are also launched with the feature. This enables the machine to recognize and calculate the ray intensity required for a particular area without any human intervention. After completing its mission, the rays are automatically reduced, and the next phase of recognition starts. Devices with the AI feature are undoubtedly expensive, but their benefits can easily overcome any other laser device models.

Safety Guidelines for Home Laser device usage

Although getting hair-free skin from home is easy, you can never completely ignore the pre-treatment preparations. When done correctly, they can help ease the process, limiting the time you have to spend under the IPL.

Reading the user manual.

Start by reading all the mentioned guidelines from the user manual or visit the product's official website. Note down the important points and make sure to go through the precautions and warnings. These can come handy if there is an issue with the device or set up the right intensity.

Performing a patch test

Before using the machine, it is very critical to perform a patch test. Shave off a small part on your hand or leg. Afterwards subject the machine to the place and try out different intensities. In case there are no side-effects, such as bruising, redness, swelling, or pain, the device can be considered safe for further procedures. Usually, it is advised to wait for 24 hours after the patch test before proceeding ahead.

Shaving the targeted area

The next step involves shaving the area you want to be hair-free. The shorter the hair, the more efficient and fast results you can achieve. However, when not shaved, you might feel a burning or stinging sensation with each flash.

Refraining from the use of deodorants or moisturizers

Before every session, one must completely stay away from using such products. Professionals often dismiss the usage of face cream while getting face laser hair removal. As cosmetic products come packed with various chemicals, they can react aggressively with the light rays. In such cases, you might end up with severe skin burns, bruises, and painful swelling.

Exfoliating the body

Another essential step to the silky smooth body using home laser hair handset is to exfoliate the body properly. Preferably, it needs to be done the night before the session. Exfoliation removes dirt, dust, and microbes, thereby clearing out skin pores. So, when subjected to the rays, you can expect higher efficacy.

As technology advances and as we enter 2021, newer versions of IPL are being released. However, no hair removal method is fruitful until you follow the pre and post-care processes. So, if you are interested in getting an IPL handset, be sure to check out their specifications. Because at the end of the day a healthy body is the only real treasure.