What is the Cost of Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair treatment has become common, as many people are now opting for this new sensation in hair removal methods. Hundreds of laser hair clinics have popped up in recent years, all claiming to be the best. You can now book anything from from facial laser treatment to full-body treatment from the comfort of your home. The concern most people have when they become interested in this method is the cost of the treatment.

Laser Hair Treatment Cost

To be honest, you should prioritize your safety and let cost come second. Most of the time, people are tempted go for cheap bargains that can end up compromising the safety of their sensitive skin. It's always best to look for the best home device that has been categorized as "safe" according to various international safety standards. 

The cost of the method can vary greatly depending on the site to be treated. Other factors that can cause fluctuations in the expense include skin texture, frequency of the laser, skin sensitivity level, etc.

The cost for laser hair treatment for underarms is often between $100-$250, and we will be pointing out more details on the topic in this article. Let's start with understanding the various factors that impact the cost.

Underarm Sensitivity

Each skin type varies based on its texture, melanin composition, and sensitivity. Beauticians often ask for clinical records of any previous allergies and dermal ailments to decide the laser ray of the perfect wavelength. The more sensitive your skin in the underarms region, the more you will have to spend in the pre-testing phase. Sensitive underarms are more prone to injuries, burning sensations, rashes, bumps, etc., if the procedure is not done correctly.

So, for sensitive skin, you may have to invest a bit more. The cost may range from $100-$500, based upon the pre-testing and after-care processes.

Where and From Whom You Get Treatment

Not all laser hair clinics offer the same options. While some may use advanced and highly-efficient procedures, others might need a few more sessions to get the same results. This also applies to professional and beginner-level beauticians. These differences typically lead to changes in the treatment type and laser hair removal cost. Professional beauticians and laser clinics are likely to charge more than smaller ones. However, in the long run, the former will save you money. This is because the more efficient the work, the fewer sessions you need, so you will not end up spending as much in the long run.

The laser hair removal treatment for larger clinics may start around $200-$450, while for smaller ones, it may stay between $150-$250.

Package Type

Another reason for the rise and drop in the laser hair removal cost is the treatment package type. Companies and clinics often offer special provisions to their customers to pay for all subsequent sessions at the time of the first one. Although it may seem like a significant expense, it can save you money in the long run. This is because such packages come with discounts and unique privileges for the customer.

However, when paid separately, you may end up wasting money on the services you didn’t even need.


Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal of Underarms

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of underarm laser hair removal treatment.


  • Always exfoliate the part to be treated one day prior to the treatment. This helps the laser to penetrate the skin and prevents spots from being missed.
  • Trim your hair as short as possible a day or two before the treatment. This will also improve the penetration and efficiency of the laser.
  • Consult with your beautician about any existing medical conditions or skin allergies. Hiding them will only risk more damage to your skin and potentially cost you thousands for recovery treatment.
  • If doing it on your own, make sure to select a laser device from a reputed and trustworthy manufacturer. Look for your exact skin tone and only buy or use a device if it says 'safe' for your skin type.


  • Never wear perfume or use any scented soap or body wash on the day of the treatment. The ingredients in these products may end up creating a severe reaction on your body, leading you to rashes, burns, and other injuries.
  • Underarm hair removal requires time and patience. Don’t try to rush or skip any step when trying laser hair removal devices.
  • Never have any body lotion or cosmetics on during treatment. The ingredients, including retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids, can cause significant damage to your skin.


Laser hair treatment has proven to be a boon for all. Thanks to this advanced method, it has become much easier to flaunt that beautiful, hairless body whenever you want. However, in addition to its advantages, its improper usage can lead to severe side-effects to the skin, therefore requiring you to spend even more. Careful observation is always required to ensure the treatment is done safely.